10 steps and pros & cons to start a handyman business


Based on their skill set and the needs of the customer, a handyman business offers a variety of home repair services. This can encompass both inside and exterior trade skills, maintenance, and repair, among other things.

Follow these ten steps to start a handyman business:

  1. Plan your handyman business
  2. Incorporate your handyman business as a legal entity.
  3. For tax purposes, you must register your handyman business.
  4. Create a business bank account as well as a credit card.
  5. Create a bookkeeping system for your handyman business.
  6. Get the Permits and Licenses You Need for Your Handyman Business
  7. Obtain a license and Insurance for Handyman Services
  8. Create a brand for your handyman business.
  9. Make a website and get handyman Best reviews on it.
  10. Get your business phone system up and running.

What are its Pro’s and Con’s?

Finding the time to mend, renovate, and put together a home comes with an infinite list of things to do, and finding the time to accomplish it all is a typical difficulty for homeowners. Furthermore, some of the items on the typical homeowner’s to-do list may necessitate more than basic DIY skills.

Starting a business as a handyman can give you a terrific business opportunity and the chance to help struggling homeowners finally get their houses in order if you have a broad understanding of how to fix things.

The pros are:

You may gain from beginning a handyman business in addition to getting to use your jack-of-all-trades, fix-it passion to help others:

  • If you already have the necessary tools and equipment, your startup costs will be minimal.
  • It’s a wonderful part-time business to get into.
  • You have the potential to make a lot of money.
  • In general, your overhead costs are low.
  • In this industry, word-of-mouth and recommendations are powerful marketing strategies.
  • There are options for specialization, such as working just with real estate agents or on house renovations.
  • You can choose to specialize in business or residential services.
  • Franchise or commercial options are available.

And the cons are:

The following are some of the potential obstacles to beginning a handyman business:

  • You should be in decent physical shape.
  • It’s possible that some of your jobs will be seasonal.
  • Licensing requirements in some locations can be difficult to meet since certain criteria must be met.
  • Building a lucrative client base can take some time.
  • All parts of home construction, remodeling, upkeep, and repair require extensive expertise and experience.
  • A broad collection of reliable work tools is required.
  • A business license, liability insurance, and, in some cases, bonding may be required.
  • A contractor’s license may be required.

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