10 Surefire Strategies To Write Incredible Assignments In A Few Hours

Writing assignments suck- I am not even going to lie. Even as someone who writes for a living these days, I still saw each assignment of my school and university life with a tinge of dread.

After all, turning in the perfect assignment isn’t simply like working on a challenging chemistry equation or learning a chapter of literature. As exasperating as those activities can be, they always seemed more finite than the humongous task of ‘writing an assignment’. You can’t simply open your books and start working. Instead, you need to invest considerable time in brainstorming, researching, chalking out an outline, conducting extensive research, drafting, and including those pesky references.

As I moved through my academic career, I developed an effective system for turning in papers in record time. This allowed me to spend more time on the things I loved, like reading novels and taking long walks in the fresh morning air.

Let me assure you; it has less to do with talent and a lot with the writing habits you’ve mastered along the way. Anyone can learn how to finish an assignment in a few hours and do an excellent job at it.

Sounds impossible? Let’s dive straight in to see how it works.

Crucial Tips To Write High-Quality Assignments Swiftly

  • Adopt the Right Mindset

It is necessary to get yourself into the right mindset before you start writing. You can experience feelings of panic or defeat before you’ve even begun. However, to be successful, it is crucial to banish these negative feelings. Try to be positive, relish the change, and adopt a can-do attitude. Keep the end goals in mind. Remain calm, take a deep breath, and begin to attack your work logically and systematically.

  • Get The Perfect Idea Of An Assignment

Before you dive deep to craft your assignments, try to comprehend them first. Whatever the task is, it’s significant for a student to go through the rubric and instructions diligently to develop a comprehensive understanding of what the professor expects from them.

Ensure to comprehend every step of the way you must be taking while writing. Know the smooth flow of the ideas can only be reached if you are well-versed with what you’re supposed to discuss in writing.

  • Conduct In-Depth Research With Ruthless Efficiency

Once you’re done comprehending the assignment, you need to start researching. Research as much as you can on your topic. Assimilate all the information that sounds relevant to you and can be taken as solid proof for your ideas and suggestions.

Remember, the more you prepare, the faster you’ll write. This kind of research will also offer numerous ideas, and you will not get distracted every time you lack any evidence.

  • Spend 20% Of The Time On Outlining

If the words of top assignment and essay help stalwarts are anything to go by, then start with the simplest task first. Break your assignments into 5 paragraphs- introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. Each of them should include a key point, evidence that supports it, summarising sentences, and transitions to the next paragraph. Include the thesis statement in the intro. At this stage, only concentrate on drafting the paper. You can finalise your sentences later on.

  • Arrange A Quite Workplace

When you only have a couple of hours to finish your assignments, the last thing you need is to get distracted by your phone or social networks. Procrastinating isn’t even an option at this stage. Thus, ban yourself from your phone and social networks. Sit somewhere quiet and put a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door. This is the only way I succeeded in speed writing and saved ample time.

  • Define Your Point

Any assignment is written to defend or prove a point. Ensure you comprehend what yours is before you get started. Otherwise, the paper is going to be vague and fuzzy. If you lack profound knowledge of your chemistry assignment help topic, think back to everything you know about it and try to choose something you’re sure you will be able to write about. Later on, you don’t want to find out that you have nothing to back up after writing a page or two.

  • Focus On Quality Over Quantity

If your assignment is supposed to have a final page count of 5-7, you might be tempted to write a paper that’s 8 or even 9 pages. After all, more is better, right?

You’re wrong. Every professor told me that they would always prefer a brilliant 5-page assignment over an average 8-page paper. Certain topics even don’t require 7 pages- 5 pages are enough. It’s not simply a waste of time or effort; it can be even counterproductive.

  • Use Simple Language

Most of us tend to use big words to make our writing look deeper and more serious, especially when we feel insecure about our subject knowledge. Avoid falling into this trap. The verbosity and tendency to use long words, complex sentences and structures make your writing look vague, not more refined. Additionally, all this extra padding takes longer to write, and your job now is to cut this time.

  • Save The Introduction And Conclusion For Last  

Surprisingly, the introduction and conclusion of an assignment are often the trickiest bits to write. I always saved these for last. By the time I had finished working on the body paragraphs, the task of crafting the introduction and a summarising conclusion became much easier. This is mainly because you’ve already spent adequate time on your argument, and you’ll be well-acquainted with it.

  • Draft And Edit Separately  

Drafting and editing simultaneously are, like all forms of multitasking and quite impossible. Avoid doing it completely. Write with complete attention and then edit.

Similarly, avoid stopping to look stuff up while you are writing. Searching something up takes you away from writing, but even more likely, it will drag you into an internet rabbit hole that will truly derail the entire writing process.

The goal is to stay in the flow state as long as possible. As if you can simply get to a place of flow, your momentum will become unstoppable.

Final Thoughts

Speed writing is an art that each student can master. It truly helps in completing huge academic assignments in a relatively short time. But, it needs a certain kind of preparation.

The speed should not ever impact the quality of your assignments in any way. Your paper must be pruned and refined to perfection.

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Such a writing practice will enable you to cut the writing time and come up with a stellar paper in just a few hours. Certain students even manage to mobilise all their resources so efficiently that speed writing becomes the only way they handle assignments in their academic careers. You should also try it. Maybe it will be only your way out from long hanging deadlines and ever-lasting stress. Here’s wishing you all the luck!

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