3 Benefits Of Self-Serve Pet Wash Stations

Benefits Of Self-Serve Pet Wash Stations

If you are a pet owner, you will relate when we state that pet owners do everything they possibly can for their pets and their health. Whether this involves giving them the best possible diet, ensuring enough exercise, or maintaining regular visits to the vet, pet owners give their pets their all. However, doing all you can for your pets can get pretty overwhelming, especially when it comes to bathing them. Most pet owners see a lot of trouble when it comes to bathing their pets, and most pets create a ton of fuss about it. Hence, washing their pets at home isn’t an option for most pet owners. Instead, pet owners should seek alternatives outside their homes such as pet self wash stations.

Pet wash stations, located in most pet stores, are essentially stations where owners can bring their pets and bathe them. Given below are three benefits of using a self-serve pet wash station:

1. No Mess In Your Home

Whenever you bathe your furry friends, there seems to be an explosion of mud, dirt, and fur all around your bathroom. You’ll probably spend more time cleaning the bathroom than you spent on bathing your pet. In addition to that, there might be a lingering smell all around your home due to your pet moving around as they air dry. 

However, none of this would be the case when you shower your pet in a self-service pet wash. The team at the pet wash would be responsible for all the cleaning and drying around that area.

2. Your Pets Dry Faster

Self-serve pet wash stations usually come with professional dryers or blasters that help in quickly drying your pet and removing all moisture from their fur. The blow dryer you use at home is no match for this professional dryer. Once your pet is dry, you can use a comb to brush their coat and get rid of any loose hair.

If, however, you were to do all of this from the comfort of your home, it is likely that your pet would take hours to get completely dry, and would be moving around the home with tangled and matted hair.

3. Access To Professional Products

If you cannot afford to splurge on those big bottles of professional pet shampoo, you probably use cheaper quality pet shampoo at your home to bathe your pets. Not inky is cheap quality shampoo bad for their hair, it may only not contribute towards cleaning them fully and lead to diseases or health issues.

However, if you bathe your pets in self-serve pet wash stations, you are likely to get access to professional-level cleaning products at no additional cost. In addition to that, you would also get access to professional tools such as shedder and combs that you probably don’t have lying around in your home.


Self-serve pet wash stations are the newest addition in most pet stores. Many pet owners do not have the means or tools to give their pets showers at home, and may not even have the money to hire a professional to do so. Hence, these stations serve as the perfect solution to all their pet cleaning worries.


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