5 Ideas To Make Your Raksha Bandhan Special

Raksha Bandhan Special

We know you all have been waiting for Raksha Bandhan to arrive, and now that it has, none of us can keep our excitement low. Not the ones in India, and neither the ones waiting to celebrate the festival outside India, as Indians never keep their festivals within their borders but rather spread the joy to the entire world. This wonderful festival of Raksha Bandhan celebrates the special bond of a brother and a sister with a sacred thread of love called ‘rakhi’ that sisters tie on the wrists of their brother. Even when the distance keeps the two apart, sisters make sure to get their rakhi to reach their brother through courier and other platforms. Sisters put a lot of effort into choosing an ideal rakhi for their brother. From offline to online markets, nothing escapes her reach and the best rakhi gets delivered to the brother with some festive gifts and a lot of love. Floweraura and many other sites help in cutting the distance short between siblings with their wide range of rakhi styles and delivery options. It gets your rakhis delivered across the nation with just a click to keep the celebrations and charm of the festival close to what they would have been with you two together. It gives swift and easy rakhi delivery in Sweden, US, UK, Australia and many other countries. Rakhi brings a lot of  love and sparkle to the day, so it must be complemented by something that makes the day even more special. Here are some ideas on how:

  • Flowers

You can send some colours and fragrances with your rakhi to your brother; that will instantly brighten up his eyes. There is absolutely no one who does not get happy about getting gifted with flowers or a bouquet. A classic box of orchids and roses gifted along with a rakhi is absolutely going to mesmerise him. Fragrant yellow lilies or ice blue rose boxes are others to mention.

  • Cakes

Cakes are capable of adding a special complementary celebration to almost every happy occasion. Your favourite flavoured cake paired with a rakhi can add a lot of sweetness and love to the celebrations and the forever bond. Delicious cakes, designer cakes, eggless cakes, photo cakes, and trendy bomb cakes, jar cakes, pinata cakes, and pull-me-up cakes are available. Scroll through our platform and choose the cake that is going to get your brother all sweet!

  • Combos

Get your rakhi accompanied with the combos that we have handcrafted for you with the utmost care and perfection. A cake, jar cake, chocolates, flower bouquet, greeting card, lucky bamboo plant, and teddy are some amazing options you could consider to form your own amazing combo that your brother is going to love. With so many delivery options available, you can make rakhi delivery in Sweden, London, Malaysia, and anywhere in India. Also, do not forget about the gifts, as the more gifts you receive, the happier you become every day!

  • Plants

Plants are a hide to many people, and if not, they still give a feel-good vibe, which makes it one of the most loved trends these days. Plants can literally be the best thing that one can send along with the rakhi thread. Choose from a wide range of lucky bamboos, bonsai plants, air purifying plants or premium plants and go green this Rakshabandhan. This will not just be some gift, but will act as an eye soother to him. It will help him relieve his stress, improve his productivity, and boost his spirits. Yeah, pretty thoughtful.

Gifts have been around for a long time, but the definitions have changed overtime and time-to-time. It could be a materialistic object of high value or simply the idea of making someone feel good with someone’s presence or a hoodie you have been longing to shop for. It can be anything like mugs, cushions, a photo frame, a key ring, soft toys, chocolate hampers, the very famous and loved explosion boxes, home décor or the things that your brother would specifically want. Duffle bags and shoes are another popular choice among the youth, with trendy or classic digital watches, pens, or perfume being the other ones. The contemporary digital gifts like caricatures, posters, video messages, E-Greeting cards and the musical gifts like a guitarist, violinist, pianist or singer on call are popular choices too. With such amazing ideas you can simply add up to the celebration with lots of love and full spirits. Take time to make your best choice and rejoice this festive season with love and happiness!

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