5 Subscription Boxes And Activity Kits That Deliver Fun

5 Subscription Boxes And Activity Kits That Deliver Fun

Everyone enjoys having fun now and then. For some people, taking time off without a plan on what to do with the time can be a challenge. Even for children, scheduled playtime is fun, teaching them instrumental life skills such as self-discipline and helping them learn stability even in confusing times.

Even though numerous items are available on the market to engage children, nothing can beat a quality subscription box. These customized packages offer handpicked toys, accessories, and games, allowing kids to develop basic life skills.

If you are a parent considering getting a high-quality subscription box, here are five excellent options to try out.

1. Wanlow Subscription Boxes

The list starts with one of the best monthly outdoor box for kid, Wadlow. The subscription boxes, manufactured by the people who bring you BattlBox, are designed for kids between 6 and 11 years old. Each package offers a perfect blend of games, products, and activities that turn learning into fun.

Wadlow’s Welcome Box packs everything required to kick off your kid’s journey into outdoor learning and discovery. The package includes color lounge hammocks, a pen and pencil set, a journal, and an activity booklet for your kid’s overall health and development.

The brand aims to let children develop a lifelong interest in the outdoors. To ensure this, Wanlow’s subscription boxes are customized for activities like gardening, outdoor crafts and games, star gazing, and many more!

2. KiwiCo Kids Subscription Boxes

The second option on the list is KiwiCo. Playing indoors can be limiting to many children. It keeps them from interacting with kids their age and may affect their interpersonal and social skills in the long run. Thus, to allow your child to have a structured outdoor playtime that avoids the possibility of injury or bad behavior, get the KiwiCo subscription boxes for kids.

KiwiCo provides a wide range of subscription boxes for children depending on their ages. They have options such as Panda for children below 24 months, Koala for those between 2 and 4 years, Kiwi for up to 8-year-olds, Atlas for the ones between 6 and 11, and Yummy, Doodle, Maker, Tinker, and Eureka for adolescents. These kits keep your children engaged in various outdoor activities from an early age, allowing them to have fun and explore their creativity.


3. Sago Mini Subscription Box

Another selection for your children is the Sago Mini subscription box. Sago Mini has a strong reputation for providing fun solutions to children, allowing them to explore their creativity while enjoying themselves. While the company has many fun mobile and iPad applications children can tinker with, their wide range of subscription boxes is equally impressive. Notably, some of the packages the company provides are for younger children.

Sago Mini Subscription Box

Getting a Sago Mini subscription box for your young child is an adventure in and of itself. It allows the child to explore their minds whenever the subscription box comes on the doorstep. The company provides different themes for the children, thus allowing them to be creative, learn, and explore other subjects while having fun. The boxes often teach children many things, sparking new interests in them.

4. Bitsbox Basic Box

At a technologically advanced age, parents must teach their children some necessary skills to benefit them as they grow and choose their career paths. At around 6 to 8 years old, many children begin to plan and think ahead, although in some rudimentary ways. At this age, the Bitsbox Basic Box could come in handy.

This box teaches children many technical skills, such as coding and problem solving, and even helps them code essential apps that they can use on computers and mobile phones. This will be a perfect place to start if you want to expose your child to the vast world of technology. Moreover, if you are not technologically inclined, the subscription boxes come with a “Grown-Up Guide,” which helps parents and guardians supervise the activities.

4. Bitsbox Basic Box

5. America’s Test Kitchen Preschool Chef’s Club

If you have ever tried to observe, many children love to be in the kitchen with their parents as the parents make food. Moreover, teaching your child how to cook in a safe environment can help them develop the necessary cooking skills they may need as adults living away from home. America’s Test Kitchen Preschool Chef’s Club subscription box comes in handy when teaching children how to cook. The subscription box includes recipes, tools, and ingredients your child can try. The brand also offers some manuals that guide adults on training their children in the culinary arts, even at their level.

5. America's Test Kitchen Preschool Chef's Club

Final Words

If you want a subscription box for your children of different ages and interests, there is something for everyone. The subscription boxes mentioned above will give the child a lot of fun while learning new topics. Thus, if you want a gift for your child, these boxes will not fail you.

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