5 Things to Remember While Buying a Toilet

5 Things to Remember While Buying a Toilet

The bathroom is an area which is very important and used every day in our house. When buying any item for your bathroom, the product should be excellent and long-lasting because you cannot change it yearly. If you are planning to buy a toilet for your washroom, it is better to see all its functionalities before finalising it. In today’s world, buying a bathroom has become very easy as you do not have to visit store-to-store because you can buy toilets online from various reputed websites.

The following are some of the features that you must see when you are buying a toilet for your washroom:

  1. Rough-In Space and Dimensions

Before buying a toilet, the first thing to do is measure your bathroom size. Then you can decide the type or size of toilet that can fit in your bathroom perfectly.

You also must measure the rough-in area, which means the distance between the wall behind your toilet to the drainage area. If the rough-in area matches the toilet you bought, you can avoid trouble later. Twelve inches is the average rough-in area of every bathroom, but some have ten or even 14-inch rough-in areas.

Most experts say that you should buy a toilet that matches your bathroom’s rough-in area so there will be no problem of leakage or draining water in the future.

  1. Toilet Height

Any standard toilet available in the market has a standard 14–15-inch bowl height for average users. But many luxury brands also offer the right height apart from average height, and right-height toilets are taller than usual.

Apart from these heights, there are several other heights, some are tall, and some are shorter than usual. You must buy based on your and your family’s comfort. Check the height and then finalise a toilet for yourself.

  1. Consumption of Water

The toilets, which are pretty modern and new, use only 1.28 gallons of water per flush instead of the 1.6 gallons used by old-generation toilets with flushes. Some ultra-modern flushes use only 1 gallon of water only per flush.

So, see the water consumption of the flush. Flushes that use less amount of water but provide good performance are the best flushes. Several areas worldwide have severe water scarcity, and saving a small amount of water, when possible, will help the world in the future.

  1. Dual Flush or Single Flush

Modern toilets have dual types of flushes. Earlier, we used to use the same amount of flush to clean all kinds of waste. But now, there are two types of flushes that you can use based on the amount or type of waste you have to flush out.

In modern flushes, there are two types of switches; one is for half-flush, which is used when the amount of waste is less, and another switch uses the total flush water, which should be used during flushing out more amount of trash.

When you buy toilets online or offline, selecting flushes with two different switches is better as they save a lot of water.

  1. Warranty and Price

When buying a new toilet, always fix a budget before selecting it. It will help you find the perfect one for yourself and not overburden you.

Also, check the warranty that the company is offering with that product. A lavatory with a good warranty will always be helpful for you. The company will replace or fix the product at zero cost under the warranty period if the product creates any issues.

So, check whether these features are there when looking for a new toilet, but it is advised to set your needs and priorities before you decide to buy it. If all features are present, you can go ahead to buy them. Just ensure that it is of excellent quality and uses optimal water.

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