7 Classy Lehenga Designs To Rock On Diwali Festive Occasion

7 Classy Lehenga Designs To Rock On Diwali Festive Occasion

Diwali is one of the most awaited and celebrated Hindu festivals around the globe. During this festival of lights, people celebrate the victory of good over evil. It is the celebration of hope, the fresh start of a new year filled with prosperity and happiness awaiting us in the next year. With this grand festival coming up, every woman is looking for the trendiest lehenga designs to make a bold fashion statement this festive season.

Diwali prep starts a month before the festival, and everyone wants to look their best when they meet on Diwali. This Diwali, rock it with superb Diwali lehenga outfits that will dazzle your onlookers while you shine bright!

Trendy Lehenga Designs That You Must Try This Festive Season

There is one thing that excites us the most, apart from family gatherings, hearty celebrations, sweets, and glistening laughter. Any guesses? It’s lehengas! Everyone wants to bring the style quotient up a notch when it is Diwali – it is a time when you want to shine, right?

A lehenga choli for Diwali is regarded as one of the most exquisite clothing compositions worldwide. It is a beautiful ensemble of a long skirt called a lehenga and a blouse, plus a draping cloth styled in myriad ways that glorify a woman’s aura. If you want to look your best in ethics this festive season, nothing can match the elegance and glory of a lehenga.

The best part about lehenga cholis – is it suits all body types! There are many options out there that help you add a modern touch so that you can glam up your look according to the latest trends. You can choose your lehenga in different fabric types such as silk, georgette, net, chiffon, etc.

Scroll over, as we have curated the trendiest collection of lehenga cholis that are perfect for you. What are you waiting for? Let’s dive in.

1.   Floral lehenga choli that you can flaunt

Floral lehenga cholis are a compact, portable design that gives you a chic look to uplift your fashion tips statement. This Diwali special lehenga choli boasts graphic prints, eclipsing net, and a georgette that suits all women who prefer the minimalistic yet classy look. For an Indo-western look, you can pair these with a crop top to turn an elegant pair of lehenga into a choli.

2.   Ruffle lehenga choli for a modern glow

Are you looking to pull off elegance, glamour, and grace – all at the same time – then, behold! The best lehenga choli for Diwali awaits you. With the blend of creativity and boldness, ruffle-style lehenga cholis will make you look and feel like a princess this festive season. Make everyone spellbound with magical ruffles onto your lehenga choli. To tickle your aesthetic senses to the core, pick out a ruffle lehenga choli in various pastel colors, such as dark maroon, soft peach, navy blue, pastel grey, pink, and more!

3.   Jacket style lehenga for a grand gesture

The jacket-style lehenga is a modern and majestic turn to the traditional lehenga cholis where you can simply wear the jacket and do away with the classic dupattas. For your lehenga, you can pair it up with a contrasting or similar material jacket. There is a wide array of sophisticated jacket options – embroidered, embellished, attached, net, scalloped, and so on. With this Diwali special lehenga choli, you can go with a densely embroidered long or short jacket for a majestic look.

4.   Crush lehenga choli for a stylish allure

With the amalgamation of an amazing patola print and crush work, a crush-style lehenga choli will add a sign of elegance to your look. This Diwali lehenga is often paired with a silk fabric blouse piece and a silk patola printed dupatta. Look like an exquisite fashion queen with a lavish design and lightweight composition – giving you a subtle and luxurious look. For an uptown class and stunning look, you can choose to wear white crushed lehengas that will turn all heads around.

5.   Mirrorwork lehenga choli for a bold look

Do you love to pamper yourself with beautiful attire every festive season? The mirror work lehenga choli will help you be the center of attention that will stun every looking eye. This Diwali lehenga choli can perfectly illuminate the bling and sparkle through its intricate mirrorwork patterns. For a combination of traditional art and modern design, you can choose a georgette, chiffon, net, velvet, or any other popular fabric to give you a distinctive look to stand out from the crowd.

6.   Velvet lehenga choli for a luxurious look

If you want to stand out this festive season with grandeur, you should go with this one. Velvet edit lehengas have complex hues that may confuse you when choosing complimentary jewelry. You can go with diamond and pearl necklaces for pretty hues such as maroon, sky blue, beige, white, and pink floral lehenga. Bright colors such as navy blue, olive green, red, and black that enunciate a royal look goes best with rusty jewelry.

7.   A-line lehenga choli for the trendiest outlook

For a subtle and modern look, this is a go-to lehenga for every woman who wants to stun everyone with radiance. These lehengas are one of the trendiest Diwali outfits online among ethnic wear collections. A-line lehengas are shaped just like an alphabet and look good on everyone. These lehengas are made for utmost comfort with a touch of grace and style for a grand festive season ahead.

Shop For The Latest Designer Diwali Lehenga Online

With gazillions of fashion trends to choose from, the lehenga collection is categorized into a multitude of options based on design, color, patchwork, embroidery, body fitting, and the list goes on! With so many preparations to be done, it becomes a hassle to choose the best lehenga designs that you can wear this festive season.

Don’t fret anymore as they are here for your rescue! They bring you the trendiest lehenga design options for you to choose from. You can choose to shop Diwali lehenga online to find categorized designer collections curated by fashion experts. With so much to do this Diwali, you can easily find a flawless and stunning lehenga that will take your fashion statement to the next level.

What are you waiting for? Are you ready to shop for the most alluring lehenga cholis that radiate magnificence?

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