7 Tips That You Must Remember while logo designing

Logo designing tips

Logo designing is one important part of the overall branding, without which your organization does not really have any identification. Can you imagine recognizing someone without a face? Or name? You cannot, right? That is what a brand name and a logo do to your brand. For a new brand especially, it is important to have a logo design agency. Since at the earlier stage, most brands cannot decide how to design a logo and who to take help from and this is where logo design services online come in for help.

When launching a new brand in the market or going for a whole rebranding process, a plethora of questions come to your mind, who is going to make me a logo? Or is there someone who can make a logo for me? Or is logo designing a tough job to do? If you have such questions in your mind or you are confused about something, we will tell you to relax and ease yourself up. Logo designing is a little tricky task that we recommend that amateurs should not take under their control. It is better if you have a professional person in your organization or outsource the job to professionals. After getting the design finalized you can get it printed on your office stationery from any personalized stationery shop. It is better this way. 

Nevertheless, the following are a few tips for amateur logo designers or for someone who wants to try their hands on logo designing too. I mean nobody dislikes money coming in through a new skill, right? So, if you are looking to learn logo designing, these tips will definitely help you in the future. So here we go!

  • Visuals Are the Key

We all have heard the phrase “a picture paints a thousand words”, well if the visuals of your logo are self-explanatory there will not be any need for any written content there. The best logos are the ones that do not need any external explanation. I mean nobody in the world has time to explain your logo to someone or research about it unless they have been given the assignment to do that. In layman’s terms it would not be wrong to say that a logo is the visual representation of the whole brand, so why do you need to verbally tell people about your brand, when your logo would just do that? 

Remember how we always talk about the brand vibe? You create your brand vibe through your logo. We cannot emphasize enough how important logos are for the brand. If you are creative enough to create visual puns, then trust us, your logo will be a big hit. Let your creative juices flow and think about how you can make your logo communicative and funny, and you are all set to at least grab the attention of your customers. 

  • Use Empty Spaces

Your logo needs to be neat and clean, well it is not your house but cleaned logos are IMPORTANT. The messy ones attract attention in one case only and that is to try to understand what the brand is even trying to communicate. Trust me you do not want this kind of confusion for your brand identity. As the famous quote of Coco Chanel states, “before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off”. Well, that is exactly what you need to do for your design as well.

Make sure your logo is understandable and people can read the text if there is any. Or even if there is not any text, your visuals should be clear too. One thing that you must be careful about is you should not in any way leave the blank space as it is. Keeping the logo clean and neat does not in any way mean you leave your blank space and do not do anything about it. Minimalism is definitely the key, the simpler your logo is, the more understandable it would be for the audience. You can use the blank space for your logos particularly when you are designing a brochure design, t-shirt printing, or a poster design.

  • Shapes Can Be Pretty Useful

Everybody today is more focused on thinking outside the box, here we recommend you think inside the box. By box we do not mean your mind or head, here we are talking about the shapes that you are using for your logo. Shapes are actually a very good way that can make your whole logo stand out. 

Shapes further help with cross-platform branding, as a logo with a box in it works perfectly well on digital platforms. Particularly on the letterhead and the other presentations, shapes in logos can be pretty good. With the addition of gradients and textures, you can take your logo to the next level.

  • Logos in SITU

While you are designing your logo, make sure you are thinking about all of its intended uses. Where are you going to use the logo, website design? Or uniform? Brochure design? Or how will it actually look in the Situ? Further, you must also think about how you are actually going to promote your brand while you are designing a logo. If your brand is about networking or you would be using a lot of networking then create a logo that should look perfect on the business cards.

  • Choose the Right Color

Most people often make the mistake of going with a weird color for their logo that does not in any way resonate with their brand. When we say go monochrome, we do not always mean you should choose white or black. There are a plethora of other options for you to choose from when it comes to choosing a monochromatic color for your brand logo. It would be surprising to know that black and white at times can be pretty harsh on eyes, particularly if you aim to create a Zen feeling through your logo or the color.

To create a good and attractive logo, we recommend you go for the different shades of the same color and develop subtle contrasts in your logo. It is one important step that can clearly bring your logo out and make it more attractive for the audience. 

  • Should Have a Literal Logo

Logo creation is sometimes the easiest task of the overall branding if you have decided upon the name of your brand. It is one of the most attractive forms of logos, to just simply go with the brand name and not add any shapes or anything. However, in this case, you will have to make sure you are choosing the right typography for the logo. For people who think such logos are lazy people’s jobs, here we have news for it. It is not as easy as you think it is.

When you choose to go with a solid background and some typography for your logo, you have a lot of things to think about when you choose such a design for your logo. Apart from this, it is not about typography only. You can take inspiration from Apple as well? Have you seen their logo? What do they have in it? Just a slightly bitten apple? They literally went and got apple on their logo and now you see how they are easily recognized all over the world? Just by the look of the bitten apple, you can instantly recognize the brand. This is what happens when you go this simple and literal, customers can remember you and your brand.

  • Be Authoritative

You should show attitude and authority through your logo. It is not simple we get it, but once you have communicated the message that you own the brand and the logo people associate it with your brand only. Some industries however have the relaxation of being funny and not-be-much-serious in their logo, but this relaxation is restricted to some industries only. 

Research what your competitors are doing to design a logo? How are they going with it? Are they being too cheesy? Or do they have just the right amount of balance of colors and written content in it? The balance is the key undoubtedly and that is what you have to achieve too while designing a logo for your brand. 

The logo font goes a long way while creating a logo for your brand. With the right font, color, design, content, and shapes, you can get the right logo.

Contributed by: Nicole Botello
Nicole Botello is a digital marketer with experience in social media, content creation, email marketing, and SEO. I’m currently with InGenious Guru working as the social team lead.

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