Ad board tells Mint Mobile it should stop abusing the word ‘unlimited’

The country wide advertising evaluate Board has denied Mint cell’s appeal defending its use of the phrase “limitless” in its advertising on account that its unlimited pay as you go plan consists of a high-velocity facts cap of 35GB in step with month. That’s not unusual — maximum unlimited plans include a cap on excessive-pace or “top rate” facts — however Mint definitely slows customers right down to unreasonably slow 2G speeds after 35GB. this is unusual, even in an enterprise that has rendered the term “unlimited” without a doubt meaningless, and the ad board sides with AT&T’s argument that it’s slower than a patron could reasonably expect.
providers and MVNOs have throttled heavy data users greater or less on account that limitless plans made a comeback. And to make certain, the big majority of wi-fi clients use less than 35GB of statistics in step with month, so they’d never enjoy a pace lower. however, reducing clients who do surpass this threshold to very slow 2G speeds is a step similarly than maximum other companies take throttling — a few lessen speeds only when the community is congested or drop customers to more reasonable speeds towards 3G. In reality, the most important companies’ statistics-capped plans regularly encompass 2G once the statistics limit is reached, so Mint calling this plan “limitless” while it’s essentially a 35GB plan isn’t precisely truthful.
during the last 12 months, a couple of providers have brought new unlimited plans that don’t impose slowdowns based totally on how much data a patron makes use of. those plans are highly-priced, however, and distinctive to postpaid clients. For now, throttling remains a not unusual hassle on most limitless plans.
Mint says it’ll follow the board’s advice to “stop or alter” its claim. and come to consider it, we may additionally stop or regulate our prepaid limitless plan recommendation of Mint cellular.
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I virtually don’t understand how Mint received out over visible in the prepaid unlimited recommendation. If you may locate 3 different people on Reddit, visible is $25/mo.
published  on Dec 21, 2021 | five:eleven PM
Mint came out years earlier than seen and in fact advertises itself… visible doesn’t simply.
Mint’s pricing was one of the most inexpensive round for the primary 12 months or so it got here out. Now there’s lots of options inside the $15-30/month space, however they constructed up their emblem off that then-low pricing.
published  on Dec 21, 2021 | 5:34 PM
seen has been obnoxiously everywhere (at least in Austin)
Billboards, fairs, painted on the perimeters of busses, standing on street corners, throughout social media ads, and so forth…
published  on Dec 21, 2021 | 6:01 PM
so you’re telling me that they’re dwelling up to their corporation call… at least in Austin.
published  on Dec 21, 2021 | 6:04 PM
I frequently see ads for them on Hulu. sure, i have the ad plan. (last 2 years about 2 bucks a month. This year a dollar a month, I placed up with ads for that, for the little i am able to observe)
published  on Dec 21, 2021 | nine:40 PM
I attempted both. visible is higher in case you need a own family plan or want to use a warm spot extremely frequently. Mint is higher for me due to the fact I don’t want a invoice that has whatever to do with every person else and it’s approximately 100 times faster (actually) than seen in my region.
published  on Dec 21, 2021 | eight:01 PM
family plan with visible? They provide “parties” while you sign up. select one with hundreds in it and also you don’t ought to think about getting beneath four, as others stated. and you by no means see or have get right of entry to to everybody else inside the party. You every get your very own bill, nothing to do with all of us else.
Mint/TMobile is a 50 mile power to get a sign, so I don’t realize approximately them, apart from wanting them to increase service.
published  on Dec 21, 2021 | nine:36 PM
visible and Verizon MVNOs commonly deprioritize extra aggressively than T-mobile MVNOs like Mint. So it can be that in spite of Verizon’s large community footprint, the common Mint purchaser has a higher revel in than the common seen patron. (YMMV based on region of path.)
published  on Dec 21, 2021 | 11:30 PM
most effective issue that comes to mind is some people have “troubles” with seen and the customer support doesn’t seem too satisfactory. Or perhaps insurance? Now that it’s clear that mint isn’t without a doubt unlimited, yeah, not awesome compelling, although never become for me considering you may’t tether greater than 5GB, and then difficult cutoff. For non-unlimited it looks as if mint continues to be pretty compelling…
published  on Dec 22, 2021 | 12:32 PM
In my experience, the price is the most effective thing precise approximately seen. The carrier is painfully horrific in the Tampa Bay region, and absolutely just about everywhere in Florida that I’ve been. The deprioritization makes it so no statistics will load. I’m a real property agent and want reliable provider due to the fact maximum doorways are accessed via a mobile app that requires records. seen has by means of a long way been the worst community I’ve tried.
Mint alternatively… They were simply top when I used them. I never noticed any deprioritization. Speeds have been continually fast for the duration of the region.
I switch carriers frequently and feature tried just about any you could name. I enjoy checking out the carriers in my place.
published  on Dec 22, 2021 | 5:48 PM
J. town
correct. It’s been a daft lie from the start. It’s absolutely their most restrained plan. each different Mint plan offers you your complete allotment of excessive speed data as hotspot information then warm spot keeps to paintings at “2G” velocity when you run out of excessive velocity. no longer the “limitless” plan. It’s a hard cap at five gigs on hot spot. No warm spot statistics at all after that. And you could’t purchase more high speed statistics at any rate at the “limitless” plan. at the least there’s an alternative on the other plans.
in case you want extra than four gigs of facts, there’s no cause to go along with Mint. seen with birthday party Pay is $25/month without a difficult throttle on telephone information and uncapped hot spot at 5mbps. simply be part of a celebration with one hundred+ participants and you’re appropriate. You don’t should create a celebration pay group and recruit new clients and it’s now not restrained to just 4 members. That’s simply the point wherein the bargain maxes out.
if you don’t care about hotspot and want to live at the T-cell network, Metro has a $25/month unlimited plan.
published  on Dec 21, 2021 | 8:15 PM
Any commodity product will be as compared to competitors. vendors know this. in preference to competing to provide extra, they lobbied to falsely use a phrase to obfuscate the actual quantity they provided. there’s nothing preventing one from presenting 200Gb, every other 20Gb and letting human beings choose. The red herring in the whole debate is what “most” humans will use – if what most of the people used mattered, the watering-down of the phrase “limitless” could never had been so critical to them within the first area.
posted  on Dec 21, 2021 | eleven:19 PM
I used to have MintMobile. It’s just no longer accurate cash wise or service sensible. And their advertising is a lie. You don’t pay in line with month, you pay in three, 6, 12 month increments. And the instant you hit that cap, you basically haven’t any internet. if you want some thing sincerely cheap, T-cell (the community MintMobile uses) pay as you go is higher. T-mobile proper in standard is better than MintMobile. i love MVNOs, however on every occasion i exploit one, I turn out to be feeling like I should have simply signed up with the primary network. MVNOs seem to constantly have large gotchas.

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