Advantages Of Displaying Instagram Stories on Website

Instagram Stories on Website

Instagram is well known for providing significant updates that help its users express themselves better and keep their audiences engaged. And one such update is Instagram stories. The Instagram stories feature was introduced in August 2016 on the platform and users accepted it with open arms.

One of the positives of this feature is that it sits on the top of the feed, hence helping to grab more eyeballs. Brands are making the most of this feature, as they are using it as a medium to interact with their audience and stay active on the platform. And to extract maximum benefit from the platform, brands are now actively opting to embed Instagram stories on website.

Many tools such as social media aggregators help in this smooth integration and assist users in embedding Instagram stories on the website. By choosing to display Instagram stories on website, brands have opened gates for many excellent opportunities for their brand to stand out from the crowd. This blog explains to you some of the important advantages of this strategy that might convince you of this strategy.

Why You Should Embed Instagram Stories On Website

It is essential to make sure that you pull maximum benefit from any given resource in this competitive environment. Instagram stories feature one such resource that can help your brand in the long run. By opting to display Instagram stories on website, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Charm to the website

No one can deny that visual-based content has the potential to add a charm to the website. As Instagram stories provide you with the option to upload visual content, you can exercise this opportunity to woo not only your Instagram followers but also your website visitors.

The visual content on the stories features can help you improve your website’s charm. This content can entirely enhance the look and feel of your site and make it more pleasing to the eye of visitors.

Makes the website more lively

In this age of the internet, it is vital to have a notable online presence. A dull and flat website might not be the right choice for the online presence as it might fail to stay fresh in the mind of consumers. And also dull website can hamper the brand’s reputation in the online space.

Instagram stories feature that element of vividness that can draw people’s attention. So when you opt to add them to your website, you carry that element on your website and eventually make your website more lively. It helps imprint an everlasting impression on visitors and improves your brand’s reputation.

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Provides a sneak into your Instagram profile

Having a robust social media presence is a must in this present scenario. And to achieve that, more people must get to know about your Instagram profile. By adding Instagram stories to the website, you provide a sneak into your Instagram presence to your visitors.

After viewing your Instagram story on the website, they also can follow you on the platform, helping you develop a strong Instagram presence. And we all know the power of social media, right? So as there will be more followers, it will help generate brand recognition and might help you achieve business and marketing goals.

Provides a more straightforward way to promote limited-time offers or sale

We all know that Instagram stories only stay for 24 hours, which means you can use this to promote your sales or any limited-time offers.  

With Instagram stories, your followers or Instagram users get to know about these offers, but by opting to embed Instagram stories on website you can market your sales to your website visitors and make them successful.

Promote your upcoming events and products

With stories, you can even promote your upcoming events. With the stories feature, your Instagram followers and other users can get to know about it. And if you add them to your website, other visitors and consumers might also get to know about it.

Similarly, you can even promote your upcoming brand or offering. So, go ahead and use your creative mind and create an interesting promotion for your product. You can even upload a teaser of your products and create hype. All these marketing maneuvers can help you in obtaining brand recognition and help your product gather some attention.

Summing It Up

Instagram is a wonderful platform that provides excellent aid to its users. Many brands often use Instagram for their respective purposes. Various features of the platform help brands to reach their desired marketing goals. By opting to embed Instagram stories on the website, you can make the most of the platform and its features. You can find various social media aggregator tools helping in this purpose. So go ahead, try them now, and take your business to new heights.

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