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Air ducts: they may become loose, rip, or break with time, which will reduce the efficiency of your system. Maintaining your ductwork will help you save money on energy costs and prevent the development of mildew, dust, and other contaminants throughout your house. A broken duct system significantly affects the energy efficiency of a heating and air conditioning system. Ideally, all conditioned air should be sent straight from the furnace to the living room. In extreme circumstances, the energy lost due to torn or damaged ducts far outweighs the cost of replacement materials.

The Various Air Duct Types

We replace and repair all varieties of ducting, such as:

  • Versatile ducts
  • Stiff ductwork
  • Metallic sheet ducts
  • ducting with a fiberglass liner.
  • fiberglass board ducts

Services for Repairing Ductwork

Repair services are suitable for fixing typical air duct issues like leaky registers, ill-supported connections, dust and debris buildup, and age-related wear and tear. These problems are typically found at the joints or connectors where ducting is connected to other ductwork.

Our technicians will locate these damaged components by locating leaks or anomalies in airflow using diagnostic instruments. These connections will be fixed, and each junction will be thoroughly sealed to stop air leakage and infestations. The effectiveness and security of airflow from your HVAC system out of your vents and through your air ducts are then tested.

Our Replacement Services for Ductwork

Duct replacement is required for damaged ductwork that cannot be fixed. This most frequently occurs in homes that have been through a disaster (flood or fire). In addition, ductwork may need to be rebuilt if a home is being renovated or if it is too small or large. A properly sized duct system is substantially more effective.

To prevent any dust or dirt buildup, full duct replacement necessitates cleaning the area and covering it with plastic sheeting as required. Before safely dismantling the previous duct system, we will draw out any changes in duct placement, HVAC connections, and register position if the replacement ductwork is smaller, larger, or being fitted to additional areas of your home. 

signs you may require Repair or replacement of air ducts

  • There is an accumulation of dust or debris around air vents.
  • Your ducts are making strange or weird noises.
  • Despite routine maintenance, HVAC efficiency has decreased.
  • weak or erratic airflow.
  • frequently changing filters
  • Infestation indicators that are easy to see, like holes, rips, insects, and mold,
  • rising or soaring energy costs.
  • What symptoms point to air duct leakage?

There are several indications that your ductwork may be leaking, including:

  • Uneven heating and cooling in the house
  • Visible ductwork cracks, bends, or twists.
  • Energy costs are higher than usual.
  • The sound of air exiting from ducting is audible.

Find nearby replacement air ducts.

Air ducts must be sound and clean in order for an HVAC system to operate properly. Sometimes, it can be necessary to make repairs or replacements. HVAC duct replacement and air duct repair services are available. 

How much does ductwork repair cost?

Without understanding how extensive the repairs are, estimations are challenging. To obtain an inspection and a precise price quote, we advise getting in touch with an air duct repair professional.

Mold is a possibility in air ducts.

Yes, mold can enter your air ducts and lower the quality of the air inside your home. You might have mold in your air ducts if you smell anything rotten, musty, or stale in your home or if your health issues and allergy symptoms are getting worse. Want assistance looking for mold in your air ducts? 

Other Types of Air Duct System Repair

Many duct board systems require repair or sealing of the seam around the air handler or furnace. This typically happens when the installer fails to remove all of the manufacturing oil and debris from the air handler’s surface, or when he fails to seal along the whole outside perimeter of the plenum.

Remove old sealant 

Using a knife, cut away the old sealant, mesh, and tape. Wipe any debris or grease from the exposed connector using a rag.

Replace any missing or damaged insulation.

The duct board insulation must come into contact with the furnace. Condensation forms otherwise, providing breeding habitat for mold and mildew.

Cover the joint with foil-backed duct tape.

The tape should bond the plenum to the furnace.

Apply mesh

 Cover the duct tape with mesh. In tight spaces, use a paint stick to press the mesh against the tape.

Seal the joint.

Apply a 1/8-inch thick layer of duct mastic to the mesh with a paintbrush. Attach a paint stick to the brush’s handle to reach hard to get to areas.


Air ducts can become loose, ripped, or broken over time, reducing the efficiency of your system.

Air duct repair services are appropriate for addressing common problems such as leaky registers, ill-supported connections, dust and debris buildup, and age-related wear and tear.

For broken ducting that cannot be repaired, duct replacement is essential. This is especially common in homes that have gone through a disaster (flood or fire).

In order for an HVAC system to function correctly, air ducts must be sound and clean. Many duct board systems require the seam surrounding the air handler or furnace to be repaired or sealed.

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