Basic Rules Of ASA Formatting You Need To Know Now!

“I love referencing in ASA citation style. I never needed to use any ASA referencing generator“- said no student. The word ‘referencing’ is enough to arouse negative feelings in many. From pure hatred, procrastination, indifference, and finally looking for a referencing tool desperately, the phase shifts rapidly.

In today’s comprehensive post, we aim to walk you through certain effective guidelines you need to keep in mind to nail your ASA references like a pro!

Let’s get started.

  • Cover Page

    If you want to cite accurately in ASA style without using an ASA referencing generator, it is essential to know how to craft a cover page remarkably. Separate the page with a full manuscript title, the author’s name, and your educational institution.

  • Abstract

    If your paper type demands an abstract, it must immediately follow the cover page. It should incorporate the title of the text but without mentioning the author’s name. As per the ASA dissertation writing guides of various educational institutions, the abstract should be 150-200 words long and feature up to 5 keywords and phrases. It must also provide readers with a general idea of your text.While writing a dissertation, you will only have 10,000 to 20,000 words to write. This may sound a lot to you, but you are bound to find a limited number of resources to work around while developing your arguments. However, the limited word count must never stop you from researching over and beyond, even in areas that might be remotely linked to the topic. This will offer you lucid ideas of what to incorporate and help you view things from a broader perspective.

  • First Page

    It must begin with a new page and incorporate a title of the manuscript, too, just as you do with the Title Page and Abstract.

  • Subheadings

    As a rule, ASA citation style implies three levels of subheadings as sufficient. The first level is written in ALL CAPS and is text left-aligned. The second-level subheading is italicised and camel-cased. Speaking of the third-level subheadings, they’re italicised and written with only the first word capitalised.If you’re one of those million students who have a terrible nightmare while writing a dissertation, then there is no need to look far and wide. Today’s post will walk you through certain crucial pointers you must know to prove your educational prowess through 10,000-15,000 words on a paper effectively.

  • Margins

    The standard margins should be 1 ¼ inch on all sides unless otherwise advised by your professors.Dissertation is the final academic paper required before you attain the well-celebrated doctorate title. So, turning in the perfect paper that will enable you to stand apart in the class is crucial. Read this article to understand certain vital pointers you need to keep in mind to deliver an impeccable dissertation with ease.

  • Page Numeration

    Pages should always be numbered consecutively, starting with the cover page and the references page.

  • In-Text Citation

    As per the ASA citation style, the basic format of in-text citations must include the author’s last name and the publication year. It must incorporate a page number when quoting directly, paraphrasing, or referring to specific passages.


If you’re referring to more than one source in the same citation, ensure to separate citations with a semi-colon. Also, if the works by the same author were published in the same year, add lowercase letters to the publication date and repeat them in the reference list.

Like,  (Jonathan 2017)

(Jonathan 2017:86)

  • Reference List- While crafting the reference list in the ASA format, you must follow the below-enlisted guidelines-
  • Order citations alphabetically
  • Incorporate a hanging indent after the first line
  • References must always be double-spaced
  • If you’re citing a source with one author, it should include the last name, first name, and middle initial.
  • DOIs are preferred over URLs when citing journal articles.As per the ASA citation style, the basic format of in-text citations must include the author’s last name and the publication year. It must incorporate a page number when quoting directly, paraphrasing, or referring to specific passages.


Jon, Doe A.2017. “How to Master ASA Citation Style”. Journal of Effective Citations 10 (7): 405-407. Retrieved November 20.2022 (URL)

If you’re still facing difficulties, you can always fall back on the best thesis writing services in the town. Comprehend the aforementioned steps and draw inspiration from the examples to draft flawless citation lists on your own.


Writing an academic paper accurately as per the guidelines of ASA citation style is a mean feat to achieve. To aid you, in this article, we have mentioned certain significant rules and guidelines you must follow to impress your professors instantly.

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