Can Videos from Creta Class Help My Kid to Learn Maths?


Video learning techniques have gained a lot of popularity recently. But can video lessons be effectively used to teach kids? That, too, maths?

Topics that were once difficult to understand are now easily understood with the help of short, engaging video clips. But is that true for all? Research says that videos’ auditory and visual nature makes them look appealing, so it is easier to keep math concepts in mind for a more extended period.

Creta Class India is one such platform that offers math-oriented video lessons for kids 3 to 8 years old. These interactive videos are an excellent source of math learning for kids.

What is a Video Lesson?

A video lesson is a kind of lecture or presentation in the form of a video meant to explain a particular topic. Video lessons promote independent learning among kids. It is the best way to clear basic concepts of early math skills.

For subjects like Mathematics, video lessons can be far more effective than other traditional forms of kids learning. Video plays a vital role in homeschooling as well. These days parents prefer an online mode of learning in which video lessons play an important role.

Videos Can Help Your Kid Learn Maths

Creta Class found that kids start learning mathematical concepts in their day-to-day life. The concepts of shape, size, takeaway, location, and position might seem a bit complex. But, with the help of video lessons, such early mathematical concepts can be easily explained.

Let us look at how video lessons can help your kid learn maths.

  • Lot More Engaging

Online materials such as videos are much more engaging than printed materials. As kids see and hear the maths concepts taught, they can easily understand and remember them for a long time.

  • Flexibility

Online learning is the most flexible resource for education. Your kids can watch a maths lesson anytime and from anywhere. All they need is an internet connection. You can access video lessons from laptops, tablets, or even smartphones.

  • Easy to Revise

As you can play the videos repeatedly, your kid can quickly revise the maths concepts as and when required, along with engaging in some productive maths activities for kids.

  • Effective Form of Learning

Though videos are a great way of teaching all subjects, they are undoubtedly much more effective in clearing those complex maths topics with a step-by-step visual approach.

  • Improve Digital Literacy

Video lessons also help improve digital literacy skills and communication, which is very important in 21st-century education.

  • Great for Weaker Students

Kids struggling to understand and learn mathematical concepts can benefit significantly from such video lessons. The engaging characters, animated lessons, and interactive video format are lovely for teaching weak students basic and complex mathematical concepts.

  • Learn Independently.

Video lessons can encourage your child to learn independently without you having to interfere. This motivates kids to keep on learning and exploring by themselves. This is useful knowledge for parents. They can encourage their kids to learn through such video lessons.


Video lessons are an effective form of teaching methodology. It is not at all dull and monotonous. Your child can overcome the fear of maths or develop early math skills while enjoying the lessons in Creta Class. For kids, it is more like playing than studying. Creta Class is a platform helping students brush up on their early math skills. To know more about an online kids’ math class, check out Creta Class.

While it is true that one needs to practice more and more to hone their skills in mathematics, it is also true that your kids can learn the basic concepts by watching maths videos online.

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