Cell phone Repair Myths Busted by Cell phone Repair Store in Calgary, CA.

Many people repair their cell phones. Instead of visiting a cell phone repair store in Calgary, Ca, they search the internet, watch DIY videos, and try to fix the smartphone themselves. Some succeed, and some fail, as many novices have uploaded videos with myths and rumors about cell phone repair that misguide users, ultimately causing more harm than good. The following are a few myths prevailing about cell phone repair. Let’s have a look at them.

Few cell phone repair Myths, according to the cellphone repair center in Calgary, CA.

Smartphone repair is expensive.

Because of the cost factor, many people try to avoid visiting a cell phone repair center. They assume they will have to pay hefty amounts to repair their cell phone. Incorrect! Apart from those few black sheep who try to take advantage of the situation, the rest do their work honestly and charge a minimum to make you regular customers. A few Abduls are also sitting in the market and trying to provide repair services at a reasonable cost.

A cell phone repair will wipe away your data.

Many hardware-related damages, if come for repair, don’t harm the data. Hence one can easily take their cellphones to the cellphone repair center and get them repaired. You can also enquire from the expert technician before handing away your smartphone. This does not stand true for software-related issues.

Remember! It is always advisable to secure your data before handing your cell phone for repair if the smartphone lands in the wrong hands.

Water damage is Fatal! Recovery is impossible.

It is considered that water does irreparable damage to the smartphone. It is a fatal enemy that only kills, but that’s not true. One can save their smartphone even after accidental slips and spills. ALL you need to do after taking out the cell phone from the water is to switch it off.

As water is an electrical conductor, it can cause short-circuiting and fry all the components, resulting in irreparable loss. Thus, switch off the cell phone. Remove the SIM Card and the SD Card. Dry all the slots and the entire cell phone with a towel or a cloth. Take the smartphone to a cell phone repair store in Calgary, CA, like Cell n Tech and get it repaired.

Dip your cellphone in a bucket of rice.

A popular myth is that dipping your cellphone into anything absorbent will save it from water damage. A common trend Is that people place their water-dunked phones in rice, oatmeal, chia seeds, silica, etc., to dry their smartphones. Although these materials have water absorbent qualities still, their effectiveness is questionable as they require a lot of time. Apart from that, smaller particles like chia seeds and rice tend to get stuck in the smartphone’s speaker phone or other open outlets, causing more damage than repair.

Cracked screen, no problem

Many users keep using their smartphones even if the screens are cracked. Broken screens or chipped edges do not scare us. But if the screen cracks are deep and shards of glass fall here and there, then it is best to visit a nearby cell phone repair center.

DIY (Do it yourself)

The current DIY trend can do more harm than good. Even after watching a lot of tutorials, repairing a cellphone all by yourself can be a challenging task. A slight twist and turn can damage your smartphone, causing hefty loss. Thus, it is best not to undermine the power of a cell phone repair center like Cell n Tech which has technicians having years of real-time experience.

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