Complete guide to buying essays from online sources


Buying an essay may be a terrific approach to improving your writing abilities and a powerful instrument for enhancing your education. However, you should never purchase an essay to present as your own; not only would doing so diminish your learning but it would also be considered academic plagiarism.

If you are considering purchasing an essay, we suggest that you first get the assistance and support you need from your institution or professor. However, if you are unable to get assistance and are having difficulty writing academic essays, purchasing one as a sample response may be the best option for you.

Essay Buying Checklist

Once you’ve chosen to purchase an essay – and before initiating any order procedure – you should go through the following checklist to ensure that you’ve considered all the consequences before entering into a contract or making payment:

  • 1. Ensure you understand the essay question or title;
  • 2. Ensure you have read the marking rubric or scheme to understand what is expected of you to achieve the grade you are aiming for;
  • 3. Fully understand your budget before making any payments;
  • 4. Gather any supporting information from your course that can help the writer produce the most relevant model answer for your needs;
  • 5. Ensure you have read and understood your university’s policies and procedures.

When you are certain that you have all the information you need to buy essay, it is crucial to study relevant firms to see whether they meet your expectations. The section below on “safety” should assist you in avoiding some of the most prevalent problems when purchasing your first essay.

Benefits of Purchasing an Essay

Many students who have purchased an essay have discovered that seeing an example of a well-written, referenced essay on a given subject has helped them comprehend how to write an essay themselves. Many individuals learn best by observing others, thus the method essay writing skills taught at colleges may not be effective for them.

Another benefit of purchasing an essay is the opportunity to learn from a professional whose time is committed to you, unlike in a university setting where you may never get individual attention from your professor.

Disadvantages of Buying an Essay

If you do not rewrite the work yourself, the greatest drawback of purchasing an essay is a lack of true knowledge. Simply submitting a purchased essay as your own provides no benefit: you do not understand the topic, you are unaware of the sources used, and you devalue yourself as a prospective employee. This behavior is also unethical and constitutes academic misconduct, which may have severe implications for your academic career.

The cost is another downside of purchasing an essay as opposed to creating your own; after all, professionally written essays need time and experience to create, and these talents come at a price.

Even if the paper has been properly rewritten and cited, your institution may still consider the act of purchasing an essay to be a violation of academic integrity. It is essential to be certain of your institution’s stance on this activity.

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