4 Tips for Designing Tray and Sleeve Boxes

custom sleeve boxes

Trays and custom sleeve boxes are an excellent option for packing various items and providing the opportunity to unbox with excitement. Here are some suggestions to design the perfect tray and sleeve box!

The varieties of containers you can pack your goods in are numerous. It is no doubt that tray and sleeve boxes can provide the best unboxing experience; the customers simply slide out and reveal the contents. We often find sleeve and tray boxes for macarons, soaps, jewellery, or phones. But, you can put almost anything into the tray and custom sleeve boxes.

The boxes provide aesthetic as well as functional benefits. A separator tray, sleeve and tray allow the option of customizing with no one part dependent on the other. Additionally, the boxes can be ideal for displaying on shelves by displaying the tray. They can be designed according to your taste and incorporate creative artwork. Here are some ideas to get you going with the design of your sleeve or tray boxes.

custom sleeve boxes
custom sleeve boxes

1 . Brown boxes don’t need to be dull. Go for a kraft tray or sleeves boxes

The plain brown boxes for sleeves and trays constructed from corrugated cardboard and laminated to your taste don’t create the most lasting impression on your clients. But that doesn’t mean that you should not make any changes to boost the brown box’s appearance to make it more appealing to your customers.

Kraft boxes are an excellent option if you want to simplify your packaging and ensure that your boxes positively promote your company’s image. The material is entirely compostable and biodegradable. This adds to the environmental part of the business. Printing can be done on boxes made of kraft. You can add your brand’s logo and logo to make your box more memorable for your customers. To make your unboxing experience more enjoyable, count the steps or guidelines for your customers to dispose of the box in their own homes.

2. Customized inserts for more enjoyable unboxing

When you can slide out your tray inside your 2-piece packaging can be a fantastic display, it is essential to consider the condition of the contents within the tray. If your items move about within the tray and scatter when the box is unveiled, it may make it difficult to enjoy the opening. In these instances, inserts are ideal.

Custom-designed inserts are made to perfectly fit your items and keep them from moving within the box. In addition, it offers an additional layer of protection for expensive or delicate items like jewellery and perfume bottles. Inserts can be tailored according to your preferences. They can be printed and serve as a perfect place for marketing materials you don’t want customers to overlook.

If you’re looking for more durable protection that can be used to package large items, you should look for foam inserts. They are typically used when packing electronics and jewellery. Also, you should consider sturdy sleeve and tray boxes as they are more robust and constructed of dense paperboard.

3. The right shape for your needs

Tray and custom sleeve boxes are available with any design that will suit the products you sell. Choose larger containers with inserts if you wish to store several items rather than opting for two packages. Add an elastic band to help you remove the tray, or use a thumbhole.

Trays and sleeves can be made to meet other needs. Would you like your customers to be able to take an inside look at the product before purchasing it? What better way to do it than putting a transparent window on the sleeves! This is especially helpful in the case of multiple variations in the same product class. For instance, you can have various scents within the same range of perfumes.

Another option is to use a foldable carton box to make the sleeve, which will ensure that your packaging is protected with an additional layer of protection. You can also add a window onto the sleeve of the carton to draw attention to it.

It’s also a good idea to print on the tray. If you’re only packaging one thing, consider adding patterns to the tray to catch your customers’ attention. Additionally, you can include QR codes that encourage your customers to search for you via social networks and online.

custom sleeve boxes
custom sleeve boxes

4. Storage and assembly are accessible with the tray that folds and sleeve boxes

If you are planning to order packaging for the next month and want boxes that are simple to store and put together with folds, then the foldable tray and sleeves are the best choice. They can be used to store light products like soaps or cosmetics. Once they arrive from the source to you, they’re flattened. This helps you cut down on shipping costs or purchase more boxes in one go because flattening them helps save space. To assemble them, it is necessary to fold them in shape. It’s done in a matter of minutes and all set to use! Here’s a short tutorial on putting together a sleeve and tray box.

Tray and sleeves come with the promise of lasting quality and aesthetics. Making personal notes or small presents can also influence customers’ behaviour and keeps them coming back to me. By following these simple guidelines, start by creating your tray and Custom Cereal Boxes wholesale packaging.

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