Drugs Addiction: The Vicious Circle of Pain and Pleasure


Opioid drugs include heroin and prescription drugs like Vicodin, Tramadol, Morphine, Percocet, and Fentanyl. The drugs bind with the opioid receptors of the human brain. These receptors are responsible for regulating stress, pain, respiration, temperature, mood, motivation, endocrine function, and gastrointestinal function.

That’s why when you take these opioids you feel relaxed, happy, relieved of pain, and in a euphoric state. Now, these are good feelings. People want to bask in them. That’s the reason many opioid addicts don’t want to stop using the drugs despite suffering from physical and mental harm.

Why you mustn’t take opioids for long?

According to experts, opioid addiction can be dangerous. It may be good to feel, but certainly not something that you must carry on for long. Even the prescription drugs come with a short prescription. Yet, people continue to take the drugs beyond the prescribed dose and end up getting addicted.

Vicious circle of pain and relaxation

Most of the prescribed drugs are meant to treat severe pain, especially in cases of serious injuries, surgeries, and cancer treatment. The amount of relief the drugs provide is so immense that people like to continue taking them.

Eventually, the drugs toxify the liver and kidneys. They harm vital organs. The brain becomes so used to them that it now needs the opioids to function normally.

As a result, the person gets trapped in a vicious circle of pain and pleasure, says a specialist at the Colorado drug rehab center.

You feel pain.

You take an opioid.

You feel relieved and pleasurable.

As the effect withers off, you feel pain again.

You take an opioid again.

You feel relieved and pleasurable again.

The circle goes on and you don’t realize when you slipped into addiction.

Going off opioids

It’s almost impossible to go off opioids on your own once you are addicted. This is because once you stop taking the drug you get intense withdrawal symptoms. The symptoms make you take the drug again.

No amount of willpower helps in this case because the symptoms need medical intervention. It could be dangerous to go on suffering from the symptoms and not taking the opioid.

The best thing to do is enroll in an addiction recovery center. Let the professionals handle your situation.

Detoxifying your body

Going off opioids is not easy because it’s not just about stopping to use the drug. It’s also about detoxifying the body. It is important to cleanse your system of opioids. As long as the drug is in your system, it is hard for your brain to “forget” about it. Your brain will produce cravings, which will make you use opioids.

You need proper treatment under the supervision of doctors and therapists to withdraw from opioids safely and successfully. Search for “drug rehab near me” to enroll in an exclusive rehabilitation program for de-addiction.

Addiction to opioids may seem to be a hopeless situation. It is not, say rehab experts.

Once you begin the treatment, you see hope shining as bright as daylight and more


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