Early Signs of Pregnancy: How You Can Know You Are Pregnant?


Pregnancy is a very important stage in any woman’s life. Women need to be ready for motherhood and the changes that come with pregnancy before they get pregnant. This is the reason why many countries have strict rules regarding the minimum age for a woman to marry and proceed with serious relationships. Knowing the different signs of pregnancy can help you identify the possibility sooner. There are several types of symptoms and signs that indicate pregnancy. We have shared all these in great detail in the following post. Your queries about women’s health and pregnancy will be addressed through this post.

Positive Signs Hinting at Pregnancy

One of the positive signs of pregnancy is a skipped period. However, you must not forget that this is also not a sure sign. Women may skip their regular periods due to a number of reasons. Women who have irregular menstrual cycles may have delayed periods or missed periods as a result. The skipped period is a symptom here of a malfunctioning reproductive system rather than pregnancy. Women may also experience changes in their menstrual cycles due to stress, health issues or medications. 

Possible Signs of Pregnancy

It is clear that a skipped period alone may not help you be sure of a pregnancy. You can also look for other possible signs that hint at pregnancy. When skipped period is accompanied by the following symptoms, it could indicate pregnancy:

  • Nausea and vomiting increase in the first trimester of pregnancy. 
  • Women may experience greater urges to urinate during their first trimester.
  • Fatigue and tiredness are some other possible symptoms hinting at pregnancy.

It is easy to assume pregnancy if these symptoms are coupled with a skipped period. However, just the symptoms do not verify you are pregnant. Thanks to advancement in medicine, it is now possible to answer such questions about women’s health. There are tests to verify whether you are pregnant.

Test of Pregnancy

You can now confirm whether you are pregnant by using pregnancy tests. You just need to look online for pregnancy test units. It is possible to buy these online from trusted online shops like the Local Medstore. The home pregnancy test is easy to use. You just need to put a drop of urine on the reactive test paper. A pregnant woman develops hCG (human chorionic Genotropin) in her body to accommodate for the pregnancy process. This can be detected in the urine or blood of a pregnant woman. The home pregnancy tests usually indicate the presence or absence of hCG in the body. If the home test shows a positive result, you can further verify the pregnancy by consulting a doctor. The doctor may suggest a sonography to confirm the same.

Steps to Take to Prevent Untimely Pregnancy

Since pregnancy that happens untimely is surely undesirable, you should know about measures to prevent an untimely pregnancy. Here we have shared a few possible steps you may take:

  • Always use contraception to prevent untimely pregnancy.
  • Keep track of your periods and observe the symptoms when you skip a period. 
  • Try to schedule the intercourse on safe days when the chances of pregnancy are minimum.
  • If you have unprotected intercourse and think it is possible to get pregnant, use unwanted 72 or similar medicines. It can help to eliminate the chances of pregnancy.

What is the Right Time to Get Pregnant?

The right time to have a child is when both the parents are ready for parenting. If you are considering having a child, evaluate the following things:

  • Check whether you are financially secure to handle the responsibility of a child.
  • Check your health as well as the health of your partner. Evaluate whether you can handle the responsibilities of parenting in your health state.
  • Age is another factor to consider while going for a child. The body of a woman is not fully ready for pregnancy until 18 years of age. So, an early pregnancy is undesirable.
  • As you age, your reproductive health may deteriorate. Studies reveal that the greatest chances of having a normal and healthy baby is up to the age of 35. 
  • You need to have a stable relationship before you plan a child.

Each woman has the right to choose pregnancy when she is fully ready for it. Women need to be fully informed about the changes that will come in the body during pregnancy. They should also be educated about the right diet, exercise and health measures for a healthy pregnancy. There should be open discussions about Women’s Health and how pregnancy affects it.  There should be forums discussing the different changes during pregnancy. All these measures will help to reduce unsafe pregnancy or unsafe abortions. These measures will help to secure the life, health and future of women around the world.

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