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Are you struggling to choose a gaming PC for yourself in 2022? If yes, don’t worry because Gaming Zaming will guide you in this article on how you can pick an excellent gaming PC that will be responsive to your favourite game and the future release of games in the coming years. Let’s get started with it.

Choosing a gaming PC has always been challenging, especially when looking for it to play your favourite game. The questions arise in our mind, will our game be working on this PC, will it be compatible, and so many other questions.

As technology has advanced, we have so many options available right now to choose from. Now, this has advantages and disadvantages. Because 2022 has provided us with so many choices, we are often confused about what to pick.

Today will help you remove your confusion and make the right choice for yourself which will be beneficial for a long time. Let’s detail this buyer’s guide to game PC in 2022.

You have two options: buy a readymade gaming PC build with all the essential gaming components or choose to build it from scratch. You could choose either of the options but if you have time, then go for the second option. I say that because you could save a lot of money building a gaming PC from scratch in 2022. 

Even for building a PC from scratch, you must keep some budget in mind to start. Let’s assume you have a budget of 999$, which is a decent budget to build a basic cheap gaming laptop for regular games. 

In this budget, you need to pick the correct motherboard, RAM, GPU, processor, RAM, HDD, and SSD. Other than that, it would help if you also had a decent mouse as well as a keyboard. And don’t forget the monitor if you don’t have one already because it will also cost quite a bit. 

Most of the 4k games require advanced specifications, which you must keep in mind while selecting the PC components in 2022. So for the motherboard, I will go with the ASUS Strix ROG B550-E gaming board, which has had an excellent reputation lately.

For the processor, I will pick AMD Ryzen 5 5600x because it is very reasonable in price and gives the PC good power to play advanced-level games. This processor is also compatible with the mentioned motherboard, so this is another reason why I picked this CPU.

Selecting a GPU is a very tough task with so many available options. But since we already have a motherboard and a CPU of a specific brand that was compatible. I also needed to pick a graphics card that suited these two components, so I decided on NVidia’s GeForce RTX 3060 Ti. It has an excellent reputation for display quality and a good gaming experience, so this should go well for making a cheap gaming PC in 2022.

For HDD primary storage option, I have selected WD black 1TB storage for you as you would need some essential storage space for your favourite games. This storage will also provide free space for your system to breathe a little while playing games on it, and the room keeps it safe from overheating.

DDR4-3200 Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB (two chips of 8GB each would do). And for the power supply, I suggest you go for Corsair TX650M 650W because it will merge well with the other gaming components. And most notably, with the motherboard, which I mentioned earlier. As we know, the power supply is an integral part of your gaming PC, which could damage the entire system if selected the wrong one. So on a limited budget, this will be an excellent pick for you in 2022.

Regarding the case, I assume you must already have one of your older PCs. But if you don’t have it, you could select the NZXT H510 case for yourself. As long as the monitor, keyboard, and mouse are concerned, you could pick any basic one for now. As you can upgrade them anytime, you want. There is quite a range of these extras available in the market so you can replace them anytime you like. Or even use the ones of an older PC or take from a friend’s older PC if they are not in use. 


This ends our article here, and I hope this has helped you select a gaming PC for 2022. In this buying guide, I suggest you make a gaming PC from scratch because it will save much of your money. You may ask anytime if you still need suggestions regarding any specific brand of PC component or related to games.

Thanks for reading.


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