Getting Back into Business for Jones International University


Since its founding in 1993, Jones International University, Englewood (JIUE) has made significant strides forward. This was the beginning of Glenn R. Jones’ vision, which began in 1987 with the debut of the cable television network Mind Extension, which allowed over 30,000 students to access courses from over 30 schools and institutions. As a result of its accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission in 1999, Jones International University became the first fully online university in the United States, and it remains so today.

JIUE Financial Crises

Due to substantial challenges, JIUE was forced to suspend operations for a period of time, despite an initially promising start. In 2015, JIUE decided to close its doors after 22 years of dependable service and the provision of high-quality university education to innumerable students all over the world. The decision was made on March 31, 2015. Due to a decrease in enrollment and the need for financial reorganization, this decision was taken in part.

Approximately 2,000 students were required to transfer credits or drop out of school at the time. JIUE, on the other hand, did not abandon its students when the time came. JIUE approved an extension of about one year to 15 months for the winding down operations for the students who would graduate that year, ensuring that the Class of 2015 would not be required to transfer to complete their degree.

JIUE Comeback with New Investment

In 2017, the school returned for the Spring semester after a two-year hiatus. An investment of USD 3.5 million from the EEI LLC, as well as a USD 15 million operational reserve investment and a $5 million per year research and development investment in the University’s Finance, Business, and Economics departments made the reopening feasible. These donations have allowed the University to continue to sponsor programs for its students in more than 70 countries throughout the globe as a result of their generosity.

President Henry Address

According to President Dr. Henry S. Wyatt, JIUE “wants to significantly increase capacity in the College of Business and Economics, particularly in the finance, management, and marketing sectors.” It becomes possible for the University to expand its capabilities as a result of the investments.

Covid outbreak

When the university encountered another stumbling obstacle, the education process continued without a hiccup. The Covid outbreak, which wreaked havoc throughout the globe in the years 2020 and 2021, was the cause of the catastrophe.

As a result of the Covid outbreak, many of the problems that the University had faced in 2015 were virtually replicated. This increased the strain on the University’s existing resources while also aggravating some of the problems that they were already dealing with. Despite the fact that they were able to continue operating, they faced a number of difficulties.

There were several logistical issues for schools and organizations alike as a result of the pandemic. There were a variety of difficulties that troubled certain pupils, ranging from technological issues to motivational ones. One of the most difficult issues to solve has been a lack of feedback and connection between students and teachers. Managing Jones International University as a higher education institution was difficult, as it was for many other universities throughout the world that were affected by the virus. Because of this, the university has been able to endure in the face of a difficult situation.

JIUE Faced Challenges with Modern Education

The outbreak gave a chance for the University to reorganize its small defects as a result of its minor weaknesses being exposed. However, since JIUE’s courses have always been delivered online, the educational process was not greatly hampered in this case. But they did make certain changes to their procedures in order to make internet connection even more uncomplicated. It was made extensive use of the Internet, live streaming audio and video, and other developing technologies in order to foster communication as well as skill development. When the Covid outbreak broke out, the Jones International University e-Library was also completely online and accessible to students. Asynchronous forums and e-mail were used to facilitate collaboration between students and professors. This resulted in a highly engaged community where students could share ideas and experiences. Students may now study from the comfort of their own homes or from anywhere in the world as long as they have access to the Internet.

As a result of recent studies, online education has grown significantly in recent years, and Jones International University, as one of the early forerunners, has mastered the trends that have increased the effectiveness of distance learning programs and, as a result, has ensured the academic success of online students. This has unquestionably shown their immense power, perseverance, and international renown throughout history.

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