Handmade Moroccan Rugs

Handmade Moroccan Rugs

Made from handmade organic wool, Moroccan handmade rugs can add a unique stylish touch to your home or office. They can be used as a floor accessory, hung on walls, or used as a throw to simply freshen up any space and make it feel more comfortable and luxurious.

Moroccan carpet families can be divided into five main categories based on their origins and the weaving/laying methods used to make them:


Kilim Family: This is probably the oldest class of Moroccan tribal carpets in the world. Some historians believe that their origins can be traced as far back as the 6th century BC. This type of flat tapestry spread throughout North Africa as nomadic tribes developed their textile skills to adapt to the harsh life of the Sahara desert.


The Glaoui family: These moroccan rugs originate from the Atlas Mountains and use a combination of flat weaving and laying techniques. The wool and dyes used to make this type of carpet are all natural, and the design itself is made up of a combination of individual patterns brought together to form the final pattern. These carpets can be very colorful.


The popularity of carpets and rugs has never waned. They are always in high demand. Today, a large number of proposals can be found thanks to the products manufactured at the factory.


Most of these rugs are handmade in Morocco by experienced weavers who have created these masterpieces for generations. Carpet making and carpet making techniques are often passed down from generation to generation and have been used for many years. Moroccan rugs range from rich and deep colors to very pastel and minimalist ones.


Moroccan rugs can also be hung on the wall or draped over the railings of a spiral staircase like blankets. Casual, comfortable, urban, they go with any decor, from modern to traditional. A small Moroccan rug with patterns and colors looks inviting peeking out from under a bed or sofa, but it’s equally appropriate to sit in the center of a family room where your guests will appreciate its buoyant impact. Not only are berber rug uk beautiful pieces of art, they are also decorative pieces – the addition of texture and color, and the fact that they are significantly less expensive than most rugs in today’s markets, make them easily accessible and accessible to people from all walks of life. society!


Beni Ouren Family: These distinctive vintage white pile carpets woven by the Berber tribes of Beni Ouren in the northeast of the Middle Atlas represent a direct link to earlier nomadic Berber weaving traditions.


The typical design of the Beni Ouarain carpet is a set of diamonds, consisting of relatively thin black lines on an off-white background. Border patterns are the result of external influences.


Royal Family: This is the most prestigious carpet available in Morocco. Some even compare it to its Iranian cousin: the Persian rug. Introduced by the Garnati, who were expelled from Andalusia in the 15th century, the royal Moroccan carpet features a wide decorative border around a free central field with medallions and grain motifs. The execution and selection of colors is done with the utmost care to create a complex and beautifully finished masterpiece.


The Antique Family: When applied to Moroccan tapestry, the term “antique” describes more than just the passage of time. Antique Moroccan rugs are masterpieces created before the 1950s from high-quality hand-knotted wool and vegetable dyes. The oldest antique Moroccan carpets in existence can date back to the 17th century during the Saadi dynasty of Morocco and sell for $10,000 or more. Antique moroccan rugs uk, which are rising in value while remaining a multi-faceted item, are considered an investment that can accumulate over many generations. Collectors of such unique pieces appreciate their historical significance and see their antique carpets as a bridge to Morocco’s rich past.


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