Holidays: tips and tricks for keeping your cat


Your cat can’t go on vacation with you? No worries, there are several solutions

When we decide to go on vacation but we remember that we have a cat, then we say to ourselves that we have a big problem. However, this is not an extraordinary situation because there are a multitude of solutions to this kind of problem. Some of these measures allow you to keep your cat at home, but others require it to be moved. Only, we must not lose sight of the fact that one or the other of these solutions has its advantages at the same time as its disadvantages.

Keeping your cat out of your home: existing solutions

Care by a foster family and deposit in a boarding house for cats are two interesting possibilities to ensure its safety during your absence. Overview of the pros and cons.

Does a foster family look after your cat? 

Among your possibilities, you can have your companion looked after by a specialized foster family. Many families offer this service. 

If the solution is effective, it is still advisable not to choose your co-contractor by chance. This must be serious and passionate about animal care and especially cat care.

Also, he must be authorized to practice this profession. The proof of this authorization is done by the possession of a certificate of animal competence and the authorization of the DSV to exercise this trade. 

There is an additional precaution that must be guaranteed before entrusting your cat to a family: taking out animal liability insurance. Don’t forget to bring your little tomcat along with his favorite toys, his litter box and his food. 

The advantage of this service is that your feline will spend your days of absence with the family and will benefit from full and uninterrupted attention. At the same time, however careful the owner may be in choosing a foster family for his cat, there is always a minimum risk that he will come across an unsuitable or unprofessional foster family. 

Apply for a boarding house for cats 

The pensions for cats are a reception center for felines during the periods of your absence. During his stay in a boarding house, professionals work to provide your little cat with comfort and attention. 

It is important not to choose a boarding house for cats at random. It is necessary to take into account the cleanliness of the places, to collect opinions on their services, to find out about the prices charged. Finally, is it recommended to keep a blanket or toys from your home on your feline so as not to completely disorientate it? 

If the project is driven by the idea of ​​guaranteeing company for your cat, it is just as important to make sure that your feline can tolerate the company of other animals. 

The disadvantage is that this environment, which is noisier than that of your house, may upset your cat. Similarly, the quality of service is not always the desired one. 

You now know the solutions to have your cat looked after by an outside person. But what if your cat prefers to stay at home?

Solutions to keep your cat at home while you are away

The cat is a solitary animal by nature. However, the feline cannot stand prolonged loneliness. Also, it is better to find the right way to promote a presence, even if only in your home. In this, cat visits as well as home cat sitters are interesting solutions.

Visits from a cat sitter

Cat-sitting is a care service for cats. Thus, in case of absence, repeated visits by a cat sitter to your home would be enough to calm your feline. 

For his success, it is appropriate that the owner defines in advance with the cat-sitter the frequency of his visits (such number of times per day) and the duration of each visit (half an hour of company per visit, for example). 

Also, the content of the visits can also be defined. Generally, the mission of the holiday cat sitter is to ensure the physiological needs of the cat. This is, among other things, to give him food, drink, and restore his litter. 

But cat sitting can go much further and also consist of keeping the cat company, playing with it, etc.

This form of cat sitting offers the advantage of keeping the feline in its traditional environment while guaranteeing it reasonable company time. 

At the same time, you are reassured that your companion is in good hands. The cat-sitter could send you photos and videos to reassure you definitively. 

Despite all the advantages offered by cat sitting, this service is not lacking, for as many disadvantages. And for good reason, your cat will be alone most of the day. If you have a cat that is very independent, this won’t be a problem, but if your feline needs attention all day, you can opt for the following solution.

Cat sitting at your home

Home cat sitting, also called home-sitting, is a more complete service than cat-sitting. Here, it is not a question of simple momentary visits. 

The cat-sitter cat settles in your home during your absence. This is a solution that provides constant companionship and comprehensive care for your feline. 

However, there are arrangements to be made before your departure. Inform the house-sitter about your cat’s habits: his food preferences, what does he like to eat and how often? 

You must tell the cat-sitter which hiding places your feline is able to access. It is also useful to tell him if the cat is allowed to roam in all rooms or if he should not be allowed access to certain rooms. 

Discuss with him any health problems your feline may have and give him the address of his veterinarian. It’s not to be hoped for, but your cat’s health may require him to visit his veterinarian. 

The benefits offered by this service are varied and extensive. You gain a supervisor for your feline and at the same time offer you a guardian at your house. Your companion will almost not feel your absence at home.

It is therefore necessary to have a good discussion, or even meet your cat-sitter before you leave on vacation in order to be sure that trust is present for both parties. 

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