How about ad-free YouTube music streaming with a YouTube Premium subscription account?

Although both YouTube Premium Subscriptions and YouTube Music Premium have quickly become some of the most popular services available, the two subscriptions are very different. The music streaming service offered by YouTube is called YouTube Music, whereas YouTube Premium is the updated and improved version of YouTube Red.

What exactly is meant by “YouTube Premium”?

But now, with a YouTube Premium subscription, you get access to all of the great video content and features previously only available with YouTube Red. Only this time, a YouTube Premium subscription will allow you to download videos quicker and in a higher resolution, giving you access to content created only for YouTube. You may activate YouTube Premium by going to tv youtube tv/start.

What exactly is the premium version of YouTube Music?

YouTube Music may be accessed via a desktop web player and offered as an app for Android and iOS. Consider Spotify with an emphasis on improvement, and you will have a good idea of what we mean when we talk about YouTube Music.

On the other hand, the debate is whether the version of YouTube Premium subscription is superior: YouTube Music Premium or YouTube Premium. The following in-depth comparison of the two options will assist you in selecting the victor.

Which one offers a higher quality of content?


YouTube Premium subscription gives you access to everything included in YouTube Music Premium and additional features, in addition to the extensive music library and music videos available on YouTube Music Premium. Does having YouTube Premium also give you access to the premium version of YouTube Music in that situation? The correct response is “yes.” In addition, YouTube Premium subscription services offer subscribers an extensive archive of premium video content. It encompasses more than just the content that users on the website contribute. YouTube also creates its original content, which is only available to subscribers of the YouTube Premium subscription.

The Numerous Advantages of Using YouTube and YouTube Music


When it comes to services that do not have advertisements, there is no distinction between YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium. On the other hand, the point of differentiation is the range of advantages provided by each option. If you subscribe to YouTube Music Premium, you have unrestricted access to ad-free music that may be downloaded. It is highly recommended that you go with YouTube Music Premium if you are interested in finding new music and receiving excellent suggestions.

Does YouTube Premium provide access to the premium version of YouTube Music?


The YouTube Premium subscription is a more expensive bundle that includes the YouTube Music Premium service. Only YouTube Music Premium is granted a YouTube Music Premium subscription.

What features are available when you subscribe to YouTube Premium or Music Premium?


You have access to a library of music through the music streaming network known as YouTube Music; however, there are some limitations to using this feature. Streaming music without advertisements is available through YouTube Music Premium, which costs $9.99 per month and provides access to an endless library of songs.

You will not be disrupted by advertisements when watching videos on YouTube if you have a YouTube Premium subscription, and you will not be bothered by ads while streaming music on YouTube Music. You will now have access to YouTube Kids, which provides a more restricted browsing experience and parental control settings. The monthly subscription for the bundle is USD 11.99.

You can quit the YouTube app and browse other websites while the video or music continues to play on your smartphone if you subscribe to either of YouTube’s two tiers of service. This feature is known as background play. The monthly fee also provides access to offline listening, which enables users to save videos and music for later use and playback without an internet connection.

Which is better?

The question is whether you should subscribe to YouTube Premium or Music Premium. It depends on where you intend to spend most of your time, how much money you are willing to pay, and which kind of advertisements irritate you the most.

Let’s say you listen to a lot of music online, but you don’t watch enough videos on YouTube for the advertisements to drive you crazy. YouTube Music Premium is the best option for you.

You get a YouTube Premium subscription for a fraction of the average cost and access to all of the benefits of YouTube Premium if you subscribe to YouTube Premium. However, a YouTube Premium subscription is the most cost-effective choice if you watch a lot of YouTube and can afford the additional $2 per month.

Before committing to a membership, you can try out YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium, free for one month. You can choose which service you want to try out first. You can experience background play, offline listening, and ad-free playback on YouTube and YouTube Music if you sign up for a trial of a YouTube Premium subscription. Additionally, you can determine which of these features you prefer using the most.

READ MORE-Login to on your laptop or smartphone to input the code for activation.

Is Amazon Music Ad-Free? 


To better compete with competing music and podcast streaming services, Amazon Music Ad-Free is expanding its music catalogue from 2 million to 100 million tracks and offering ad-free podcast listening as a bonus for Prime members. Members without Amazon Music Unlimited subscriptions can access the library in shuffle mode by clicking the link


Members of Amazon Prime can now listen to a significantly more extensive selection of music without being interrupted by advertisements when they do so using the shuffle mode. They will not be subjected to commercial interruptions when listening to any of Amazon Music’s more than 100 million songs, which is a significant increase from the service’s previous capacity. Amazon Music Ad-Free users get on-demand access to All-Access playlists curated just for their musical preferences. It is possible to download these songs to listen to them offline.


Although it is not nearly the same positive step forward as completely ad-free listening, it is nonetheless an improvement over the previous situation. After all, Amazon Music Ad-Free must continue to restrict access to certain features unless users have a membership to Amazon Music Unlimited.


In other news, the Amazon Music Ad-Free app is getting a facelift and a new function called “podcast previews.” You will be able to listen to selected snippets from various podcast episodes. Before you commit to listening to an entire podcast episode, use these to get a better idea of whether or not it will be something you enjoy. Some podcasts on Amazon Music Ad-Free are available without advertisements, including Amazon Originals, shows that premiere on Amazon’s services before they are made available anywhere else, and other third-party shows, such as those from The New York Times, ESPN, and NPR. Amazon also offers its exclusive podcasts.

According to Sargent, participating publishers are receiving payment to distribute their shows without advertisements on the streaming service. It is done to convince publishers to forsake advertising on Amazon Music. If a publisher still wishes to place Amazon Music Ad-Free, they can continue distributing their podcasts on the platform.
Amazon Music Ad-Free users will continue to have on-demand access to more than 100 million songs. This service costs $9.99 per month for non-Prime members and $8.99 per month for Prime members. With the upgrade released on Tuesday, Prime members who still need the additional subscription can now access the complete library, but only through specific playlists and with the artists and albums being shuffled.

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