How do I feed my cat while on vacation?

cats on vacations

Yippee, the holidays are coming! When you leave the house for a few days you must ensure that your cat will be fed. Our advice so that your cat does not miss anything

It’s well known that cats are autonomous animals that don’t like to travel. The question then inevitably arises before going on vacation: should I leave kitty at home or take it with me? 

Even if it is not recommended to leave your cat alone for several days, if you are in this situation, we explain the solutions available to you.

Can I leave my cat alone during the holidays? 

Despite the fact that cats are autonomous, they still need human presence to feel good. This is all the truer since they are animals that do not like change. 

Change in behavior, loss of appetite, dehydration… these are all problems that can happen when your cat is left to its own devices. It is therefore not recommended to leave your cat alone for more than a day. 

Nevertheless, if you have no choice, here are the solutions that can help you. 

Kibble distributors

No more cat pate cups that dry out and attract flies or languishing water! There are now smart accessories for cats in pet stores and supermarkets to provide enough kibble and water for a weekend. 

The food dispenser has a reservoir to pour the right amount of kibble inside and preserve it from ambient humidity. So, your cat eats his croquettes little by little, to his hunger, in the lower part. It is the same process for water. 

It is an economical solution but adequate only for a weekend (2/3 days max. )

If your cat can’t stand stagnant water (yes, it does happen!) there’s what’s called a water fountain. In a motorized tank connected to the electric current, the water is sucked up and poured by a small jet into a cup in which your cat can drink as if you had turned on the tap!

The disadvantage of the kibble dispenser is that you are not present to check that your cat is eating well or that the water is clean. It is therefore advisable to try it several weeks before you leave on vacation to be sure that your feline gets used to it.

The cat’s pad: the vending machine of the future

Beware, this clever and fantastic dispenser has been on sale since 2017! Much more expensive (about 389 € or 461 CHF), it is a gem of technology and innovation! Developed by a start-up supported by French Tech, this connected device is controlled using a mobile application. 

It contains up to 8 liters of water and 1.7 kg of kibble, enough to give your cat the necessary food and drink for a whole month! It is programmed to deliver the amount of food recommended by veterinarians and distributes filtered water, always on the move (ha! you see that it is useful;) 

Designed to be used by several cats – incredible but true – it recognizes the cat according to its microchip and thus adapts to its needs. Discover all these features and order it online on the brand’s websites.

The best solution: have your cat looked after by a Cat-Sitter 

Of course, the simplest – and most economical – solution is to be able to have your cat looked after by a relative, friend or neighbor, free of charge. This trustworthy person must be able to arrange to come to your house every day to make sure your cat is well, change his litter box, fill his bowl with water or kibble and ideally take him outside so that he takes the air.

Because cats are relatively autonomous, a single hour of visit is enough to fill the bowl, the water bowl and play a little, but it has to be every day.  

You do not have the possibility of entrusting your furball to those around you, or that someone visits him at home? Our cat sitters take care of keeping your pet during the week, during the weekend or on holidays. Consult now the profiles of skilled jobbers near you in the ” Cat sitting” section. 

The advantage of the cat-sitter is its flexibility. He can come whenever you want, as many times a day as you want and spend as many hours with your cat as you want.

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