How Do I Select A Good Hajj Operator?

Hajj Operator

Hajj is one of the pillars of Islam and, therefore, mandatory for every Muslim who can afford it. People all around the world perform Hajj in the month of Dhul Hajj. It is an annual Islamic practice of submission to Allah.

So, when planning to perform Hajj, the most important task is the selection of a reliable Hajj operator. For this purpose, the Ministry of Hajj in KSA has issued guidelines as to what a Hajj travel agent must have. People must follow these guidelines while picking up an agent.

If you are looking for a professional travel agency from one of the best hajj operators in Pakistan then you need to follow some important points. Let’s have a quick look at these points:

Registered company:

When choosing a Hajj operator, be careful that the agency is registered with the Saudi Ministry of Hajj. As registered agents have the authority to organize International Hajj and Umra trips.

License number:

If you’re worried about whether the agent is a trustworthy Hajj operator or not, you can check the four-digit license number on the official website of the Hajj Ministry.

Current rules and regulations:

The benefit of selecting a reputable Hajj operator is that he is aware of the up-to-the-minute rules and laws. They are familiar with the regulations of the visa process, and they do everything legally. Moreover, these agents follow the basic regulations related to the organization of the trips.

Furthermore, you can register a complaint about a registered company with the ministry, as, by all means, they are accountable to the Hajj Ministry of Saudi Arabia.

The authenticity of the company:

Ensure the authenticity of the company by registration number and testimonials. Finding a reliable Hajj operator is important as falling into a trap of fake companies is very common these days. Many companies offer low-cost packages and people unfortunately fall into the trap and lose their cash.

Therefore, you must make sure the company is authentic to avoid problems.


You ought to pay attention to the accommodation you’ll receive in Saudi Arabia. The hotel or the building that they will provide you must be close to Haram in Makkah and Masjid ul Nanvi in Madinah. Some people prefer lodging that has a walking distance from special places. This is because accommodation that is near Haram is convenient for people and they can visit Haram easily for offering prayers.

Moreover, Hajj operators provide shared rooms for gents and ladies. However, if someone prefers a private room without sharing, he can ask the agent for it. He will be charged a little more and get a room all to himself.


You must also get the information beforehand regarding the transportation as well. The type and the class of transportation that will be used for traveling during the pilgrimage. Getting all the basic information beforehand is necessary to avoid last-minute chaos.

Tent in Mina:

You must ask your agent beforehand regarding the tent in Mina. You must get the knowledge of your tent in Mina, therefore, in this way, you will be mentally prepared for the journey.

Saudi Arabia’s SIM Card:

You will require a Saudi SIM card while in Saudi. However, some agents provide a SIM card in their package. This is great as it will save you from the trouble of getting into queues to buy a SIM.

Why is it important to consider the above-mentioned points?

The above-mentioned points are important when selecting a reliable Hajj operator as these are the factors that influence the reliability of a Hajj agency. Therefore, considering these points is important because:

  • You will prevent yourself from fraudulent companies.
  • If by chance you prepare your Hajj through unregistered company, you can get into trouble with the Ministry of Saudi Arabia.
  • When going through and agency, you don’t have to worry about the transportation, accommodation as well as the guides.
  • Therefore, you can perform your pilgrimage smoothly and without any trouble due to a trustworthy Hajj operator.

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