How to crochet hair on a braided wig cap

How to crochet hair on a braided wig cap

If you are already familiar with crochet wig style and want to move forward with crocheting your own wig, this article is for you. Wig fashion is getting noticed significantly in recent years, thanks to the massive growth of social media and online eCommerce stores that brings your desired product to your doorbell effortlessly. While a pre-styled wig is always a better idea especially for the beginner, crocheting your wig on a braided crochet cap can make the process more exciting for you too. Granted, it’s a bit overwhelming to try something like that, especially when you do not have any prior experience whatsoever, but once you get the result, it’s worth every bit of your time. Some people might find it a bit exhausting to crochet their own wig, but with proper guidelines and necessary tips, you can pull that off.  Without further ado, let’s jump into the business and learn how to crochet hair on a braided wig cap.


Preparation is always the key to success. Before you dive directly into the main business, make sure you have all the necessary components to crochet your own wig in a braided wig cap. Here is a list of tools you should be equipped with.

  • A sewing needle
  • A mannequin head
  • Comb
  • A braided wig cap
  • Pre-looped hair extension
  • Lace wig comb

Crocheting hair on a braided wig cap

Now it’s time to crochet your wig. Just remember, practice is the key to getting the best result, so even if you mess up at first, don’t just give up yet. You can also check Braided wigs for black women. Let’s see how you are going to crochet hair on a braided wig cap-

  • First thing first, place the braided wig cap on the mannequin’s head to begin the process
  • Once it’s set on the stand, try adding hair extensions on the braided rows
  • Use the needle to tie it up with the braided rows, since they come pre-looped, putting it through the needle shouldn’t give you a hard time
  • Do not add too many hair strands on the back since the front part are eventually gouging to add up at the back, skip one row each time you crochet hair on a row
  • Once you are done adding all the hair extensions on your wig cap, cut the front part of your cap to give it enough space to cover all the hair
  • Add an additional comb to give your wig extra support in stick tight to your scalp

Now that you are done, you can wear it in a traditional way. You can choose different hair flattening methods before wearing a wig. If you want to learn more about how the accessories you need to enjoy a perfect wig, read the blog article for a better understanding.

Thanks for reading. Hope this article has been helpful to answer your questions about how to crochet hair on a braided wig cap. If you are naive about the difference between synthetic fiber wigs and human hair wigs, this guide should be perfect for you. Thanks for being with us.

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