How to Learn Canadian English

Canadian English

English is an international language. So if you are interested in going to any foreign country, it would be very helpful if you know English. Also, we all know that Canada is a great place to study. So in this article, we will talk about Canadian English. Which will help you to make Canadian friends and relate to the culture.   

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Overview of Canadian English

Canadian English is a bit different than American and British English. Just understand that Canadian English is kind of a mixture between British spelling, American idioms, and Canadian pronunciation. 

Canadian pronunciation is quite similar to American pronunciation. But you will find some noticeable changes. Their t sounds like d. The capital of Canada is Ottawa, but when Canadians pronounce it, they pronounce it like “Oddawa”.

Canada is a large country. But you will not find any significant changes in their pronunciation from the east coast to the west except for the people of Quebec.

In terms of spelling, you can go for either as the British would or as the Americans would. Both of them are right. But if you are writing a paper in school and you start spelling in an American manner, you need to make sure that you finish it up in an American manner. You can not mix both American and British manners in writing.

Essential Canadian Vocabulary

While walking on the road, you might find some words which are used by Canadians very often. We have already talked about pronunciation, and spelling but now it is time to have a look into terms, phrases, and words. 

      1. Anglophone

This word is used to address someone whose first language is English. 

      2. Beaver Tails

You might be thinking that this word is talking about some animal. But do not worry, it is nothing like that. This name comes from the shape of this yummy pastry which you can only get in Ottawa. You can get various kinds of toppings but I would recommend you classic sugar and cinnamon one. 

      3. Brown Bread

This means whole wheat bread.

      4.  Cabin Fever

This is a disease that feels like claustrophobia. It is caused during the winter when you stay in your home for a long time constantly and do not go outside.

      5. EH

This is a very unique word that is used by Canadians after a statement or a question. It means: right? Okay? Please, maybe, thank you, how about it? don’t you?

      6. A Two-Four

This means a box containing 24 bottles of beer. So do not get confused at the shop.

      7. A Two-Six

This means a 26-ounce bottle of liquor. So do not get confused at the shop.

      8. Smarties

If you like to have M&M’s chocolate then go to the store and ask for smarties. This is the Canadian version of M&M’s chocolate candy.


I hope you get some help with learning Canadian English from this article. We all know that this is not enough to learn Canadian English. So if you want to learn it more effectively, then visit AmazinTalker. They will help you to find your desired language learning tutor. You will be able to see the ratings and schedule of the tutors on their profiles. So that you can choose yours without any problem. You will find both native and non-native-speaking tutors.


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