How to make the best Instagram post?

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Instagram is currently one of the most popular social networking sites you can find on the web. Millions of people browse hundreds of posts, photos, or videos posted by other people on their smartphones. Not having an Instagram account often cuts us off from wider public life. It was noticed by companies, celebrities, and many other people.

The development of Instagram as a social networking site

This has developed to such an extent that users have started using Instagram as a potential source of income. People called influencers appeared, and the popularity of this website means that we can count on contracts from various companies, etc. However, you should look real in the eye. Hardly anyone can achieve a satisfying career on Instagram. And, even if they do achieve such success, they often do not know how they should create appropriate Instagram posts that will be able to provide them with the greatest possible benefit. Therefore, the guide presented below will explain briefly how you should create Instagram posts so that they attract as many recipients as possible. It is not a secret art, but it is worth paying attention to some nuances, which, when used in the right way, will certainly help us achieve success in this matter.

What to look for when creating Instagram posts

It used to be that if you wanted to design a brand image from scratch, you had to find a designer (or be an experienced Photoshop user). Fortunately, there are tons of great websites these days that offer pre-designed templates. You can adapt to your needs with minimal effort. Maybe you want to create an entry promoting a special offer? Maybe you need a template to announce your company’s new opening hours? What if you want to share a recipe you’ve shared on your blog? Whatever the reason, templates are a great help in this case. You can also expand your stories on Instagram after buying Instagram followers Australia.

Use of filters on Instagram

A lot of people are also wondering what filters should be used on Instagram. If you are a user of this social networking site, you must be aware that it offers a lot of useful filters. There are so many of them that it is not clear which one we should choose. Fortunately, many companies have conducted research on this matter, which will be a perfect guideline for you.

The most popular filter, used as much as 89.5%. there was a filter… normal. However, remember that many users, especially professional photographers, use external photo editing applications. Therefore, they don’t choose any filter on Instagram itself.

Clarendon is the second-most-chosen filter. A characteristic feature of this filter is that it brightens bright areas in the photo and darkens dark ones.

The results of the study conducted by Canva are also very interesting. They analyzed over a million Instagram photos to see which filter gets the most likes. Moreover, they sorted the results by popular categories.

Nature photos – Valencia filter

Selfie – no filter (Normal)

Fashion – Kelvin filter

Food – Skyline and Normal filter

Remember that the key to applying filters on Instagram is moderation. If you exaggerate and force each photo to be covered with various embellishments, interested people will notice it very quickly and may become tired of this phenomenon.

Use of stock photos

The next point may be shocking, but it has already been proven many times and it turns out to be working. What is going on? About the use of stock photos. For those of you who know what it is, a red light may turn on. We are in a hurry to explain to the rest. These are ready-made photos for commercial use, which are freely shared by the authors, and we can have them at our disposal. The fact is, however, that apart from us, other people can also benefit from them. So, they are not “unique”. So why should we use them?

Well, they can help you create a differentiated channel when used with a mix of other images, such as templates or photos that you took or made yourself. This makes an Instagram account seems much more vivid and up-to-date. However, it’s worth remembering that not all stock images have what it takes to ensure your success. As these are stock images, somehow or the execution of many of them may leave a lot to be desired! To find high-quality photos that don’t look average or worse, you can do some research. Undoubtedly, however, it is worth spending some time on this. Because remember that portals with stock photos offer a wide selection of images for free and you will surely find something suitable for your niche. If you’ve got some budget to spend, give Stocksy a try. As you’d expect from a paid service, the quality of the images is higher and so is the variety available.

Remember to always do yours

The most important thing in being an Instagram star, however, is to just do your own thing and grow the business we’ve created. Over time, customers will start to show up. However, remember to constantly take care of the development of your Instagram account. Thanks to this, potential customers will remember both about us and the service/product we offer.

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