How To Promote Your Brand Through Referral Marketing

How To Promote Your Brand Through Referral Marketing

How many times have you purchased a product or service based on what a friend told you? How likely are you to buy after a referral?

Here are the actual numbers for you to appreciate: A recent Nielsen Harris Poll Online has revealed that more than 80 percent of American citizens ask around before purchasing anything. Now, that’s really significant.

Referrals from people familiar with and who enjoy your business may be an effective and affordable approach to create trust and attract new consumers. So, how can you use your clients’ power to develop your business?

Consider the following five pillars of referral marketing:

  • Give customers added value
  • Consider offering a referral bonus
  • Encourage customers to spread the word
  • Celebrate referrals
  • Request customers to do word-of-mouth marketing

Offer customers value for their money.

Great products benefit from word-of-mouth promotion. Host a well-planned barbeque and distribute samples of your cured jerky and see what happens!

If a customer is pleased with your product and tells others about it, their friends will be prompted to try out your product on their next purchase.

Please don’t stick to those standards that were in the market when you first started; go out of your way to offer your customers products that exceed their expectations. Custom jerky packaging that stands out (like designing a pouch they can reuse on the go) can give you favor with consumers.

Consider offering a referral bonus.

The choice to give a referral bonus depends on how big your firm is.

Rewarding both the referee and the first-time customer is a great marketing strategy.

Of course, even with a lucrative incentive, you must deliver value and ensure that you are seen as referable. Customers must sincerely believe in the outstanding value and service you provide in order to talk about you positively; otherwise, the reference will likely fall flat.

Encourage customers to spread the word.

Customers who have personally encountered your product are excellent recommendation sources because they share their personal experiences.

But did you know someone who has never purchased from you can recommend your brand? You are wondering how you can make it happen, right?

Talk to your neighbors and ensure that these individuals are aware of the benefits of your organization and your target audience so that they may refer you to the appropriate individuals. Describe the sorts of clientele with whom you operate and why.

Celebrate referrals!

You may not be able to offer bonuses. It doesn’t have to stop at that, though.

Nevertheless, not being able to “share the love” monetarily right away does not mean that you cannot reward your referrals. Ask referrals who referred them to you and take your time to appreciate them.

Request people to recommend you.

When it comes to seeking referrals from people, do it confidently and directly to ensure they understand what you want them to do for you. The most effective referrals come from customers who have experienced the fantastic services you offer.

The best time to ask for a referral is after you have surpassed their expectations. Thank them for purchasing from you, and encourage them to recommend your brand while you are still fresh in their thoughts.

While it may be difficult to ask people to promote your brand, satisfied customers will do it willingly. You can ask them to promote you on their social media walls, speak to friends about you, write reviews, or give them referral cards (which they can give out to friends).


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