How to select the right pair of oversized glasses?

Large frame glasses

The eyes are the asset of our body. One must be very cautious and defensive with the eyes. We should take all possible precautions and measures and take care to protect the most important part of our body.

Glasses are one of the necessary and important accessories for people. It can be said that it is one of the most intimate accessories one can own. In 2021, oversized glasses were one of the most common and trending glasses around the globe. It is needless to say that it is still the same in 2022 as people have become crazy about oversized glasses. This has inspired me to write something related to oversized glasses- to explain how the oversized glasses need not have to be as overly big according to the name. Here’s a suggestion that we can rename the glasses as “large frame glasses”.

Thus before I explain how large and small the oversized glasses are, let us see some basic differences between vision and sight which will help you to understand the oversized glasses more.


Importance of vision and sight


The terms vision and sight are often used by us. For many people, the two terms are synonyms of one another. But this is not true. They are two different terms with different meanings but connect at a point.


The term sight refers to how well our eyes see a specific thing, vision refers to how one perceives it. Vision is related to the processing of the image inside our brain.

Sight is a visual experience through which light reflects off shapes and objects and later the light is focused. Our brain gets the signal to transform them into images. Vision is about analysing the images. It is a theoretical concept. Sight allows a person to see and experience the events happening in our surroundings whereas vision helps to interpret and understand the importance of the events. Thus both sight and vision play important roles in our lives.


Sight and vision work together to keep us safe and create awareness around us. For example, when we hear the sound of a horn: cars, bikes, etc, our minds get the alert that we need to move somewhere to let the vehicles pass. If we do not do so then we might get injured. In this case, sight gives the signal and our vision understands the situation, and both work simultaneously.


The style with oversized glasses


These days oversized glasses frames are very much in the fashion trend. From young adults to adults above 40 years of age men and women wear these oversized glasses. The new trend of oversized frames has created a buzz among people and people love to wear these glasses and style according to their choice. These glasses are available in prescription and non-prescription and can be used as fashion glasses. People who require reading glasses and also want something to be fashionable can opt for oversized reading glasses.

It is good to opt for different styles but one should be careful to choose the right style that suits a person the most.

With much research, it has been found that wearing overly big glasses can cause visual disturbance and makes us uncomfortable.

Thus it is very important to choose the right pair of glasses, especially when one is using prescription glasses so that your fashion should not harm your eyes and health. If the right size of oversized glasses is not brought, they can cause irritation, crease the skin, and press upon our temples.


Oversized glasses are not only available in glasses, but they are available in sunglasses too. Oversized sunglasses are one of the most popular and stylish sunglasses of all time. They had started their adventure from the cat-eye sunglasses for women and are now available in almost every shape. Hence, oversized sunglasses are very popular and are on the top list of people. From youngsters to adults, all are in love with the oversized glasses and buying them as per their sizes. 


Oversized sunglasses are made for both men and women. Each style is different with the glasses. They not only protect the eyes from the UV rays of the sun, but also protect the skin because of its size.


How tobe sure if the glasses are too large?


The Pupillary distance is very important when selecting any frame. It should be around 62mm from the eyes which makes our vision clear and comfortable. Some key points to keep in mind before buying oversized glasses- 

  • The glasses should not be bigger than the cheekbones.
  • It shouldn’t cross our eyebrows, just touch them.
  • The size should be according to our face shape and size.

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How can one find solutions to these problems?


It is important to take care of our health along with our fashion. This is because our health comes first, and it is more of a priority than our fashion.

We can wear oversized glasses and follow the trend, but we need to choose the right pair of glasses and size so that both needs can be met and our face looks good and proper and will suit our face shape.

We should have alternative frames along with a pair of these large glasses frames as a long time wearing these glasses might be harmful to the eyes.

Though the above rules and regulations are not compulsory, it is better to take precautions for our eyes and health and meet the fashion needs with them.

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