How to take care of your pet when you go on a trip?

travel with pet

Going away for a few days when you have a pet can be complicated, or so you think. What if we gave you the miraculous solution to this problem which is no longer one?

Can you see yourself at midnight on December 31, lifting your cup and toasting this new year that is coming, your eyes drunk and your skin tense? Do you remember how you believed in all those beautiful promises you made to yourself that night? And then the days will pass and these famous destinations and stays that you have sworn to plan will still fall through and be postponed until next year. It’s not that you lack money or time, you just let a single obstacle prevent you from taking the plunge and booking that trip to Thailand you’ve been dreaming about since you saw the movie “The Beach”; your pet!

What if we gave you the miraculous solution to this problem which is no longer one?

Keep your dog

But of course, your dog is beautiful and we all love him! Well, the little one is a little afraid of him, but on the whole the whole family loves it when you come with him to meals. Ah, it’s true that granny is a little annoyed when he pees on the carpet under the influence of emotion. We can understand her, she is very attached to her mat and then it doesn’t smell very good, you agree.

Why not opt ​​for dog boarding?  Olalla no, the poor guy, he’s going to think you’re abandoning him to these strangers who don’t know him like you do. They will not pay particular attention to it and then he has his little habits. You say to yourself that even if you have to part with it for a few days, at least it finds itself on familiar ground, at home, with its toys, its basket and its food. Granted, boarding houses and kennels aren’t prisons, but hey, we can’t even call them holiday centers for dogs. And if you give yourself a vacation, your faithful companion has the right to a pleasant setting. Not the kennel then.

Keep your cat

Unlike dogs, cats are actually more independent. They have a litter box in the apartment or a cat flap that allows them to go out or do their business whenever they want. Most of them even hunt. But when they are domesticated and even if they need humans less than a dog, they still have to be fed.

So that your holidays do not become a source of stress for you and for your cat, it is in your best interest to find a solution that suits everyone. Your clawed, almond-eyed companion clearly doesn’t need help to wash and sleep 16 hours a day. But, to recover after so much effort, he will certainly need to pour out his little hollow. A human hand coming to serve a hot or tastier dish will therefore be necessary to pass once or twice a day and ensure that “everything is fine”. In addition, if you leave for several days, changing its litter will be on the to-do list since you know how cute these little animals are.

It is after this reflection that we first think of seeking the help of a loved one, friend or family. And it is at this moment that we realize that ultimately, they did not have that much affinity with your feline. “No, but you understand, with the little one, you’re suspicious, she’s still a child, she doesn’t control her movements… Just go and feed her and change her litter?” But when? I work by myself! “. Hmm. “Ah well, that is a pleasure for me, but I’m allergic. How since when? “. Hmm…

Keep my pet at home

You are responsible for your pet. You wouldn’t go on vacation leaving your toddlers home alone, would you? For your pets, it’s the same thing. You sometimes entrust them to your family because you trust them, because they know them, know how to take care of them and also because they are happy to do so. But a pension, a kennel, a refuge? You don’t know them, they don’t know you, your pet doesn’t know the places, isn’t used to meeting strangers and other animals. In addition, it must be recognized, your dog / cat is quite asocial, especially with age. All he wants is to slouch in his basket, to be cuddled, to run in the garden, to swallow the contents of his bowl prepared with love. He really doesn’t care about dating. He has his little comfort, just like you. If your pleasure should become a source of discomfort for him, he will experience it badly and by extension, you will experience it badly and will not enjoy your stay. But hey, a German Shepherd doesn’t fly to Punta Cana, stay in a 45-degree hotel room while you chain Piña Coladas at the club bar. No.

Opt for the care of your pet by a pet-sitter. A person you have chosen based on their profile will be happy to take care of it and that is all the difference. Where the family would feel forced, someone will be happy to cuddle, walk your dog, feed him, play with him. And then the next time you leave, with a light heart, you can again entrust your animal(s) to this same individual, so Retinting and company will get used to it and everyone will be reassured!

Leave your little one at home, at home, in a world he loves, where he feels safe, with his toys, his bed, his smells, yours. He won’t be stressed. Introduce her to a nanny or pet sitter. Ilet them get to know each other, in your presence, to see how your animal behaves with this person. Thus, once selected, he can go to your home in your absence to provide the care you have entrusted to him: take your dog out, feed your goldfish, change your cat’s litter, groom your furry animals, etc.. If your pet isn’t shy but needs companionship, consider placing it directly in your pet lover’s home. 

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