How to Tile a Fireplace Backsplash in 5 Steps

If you have never tiled anything before, tiling your fireplace’s back-splash can be a daunting task to face. However, it’s not as hard as it may seem at first glance, and following these five steps will ensure that you tile your fireplace correctly the first time around.

1) Prepare the Surface

The surface of the fireplace should be cleaned and prepared before tiling. Scrape off any loose paint or mortar with a wire brush and vacuum or sweep the area. You can also fill in any cracks or holes with spackling compound and wait for it to dry before proceeding.

Next, prime the surface by applying one coat of primer over the entire area, allow drying time, then sand lightly with coarse sandpaper. Apply an additional coat of sealer/primer as needed and allow drying time between coats. Install your tile: In this case, you want to use ceramic wall tile installed in a brick pattern on top of a backer board. Determine how many tiles you need based on the height and width of your fireplace opening.

2) Pick out the Tiles

Tile is an excellent choice for the fireplace backsplash because it can be cut with sharp edges and corners. There are many different types of tile styles, so make sure you pick one that looks good with your design.

The most important thing to consider when picking out tiles is whether or not they have a non-slip surface. This will help keep the tiles from moving on the surface of the fireplace.

Another consideration when picking out tiles is if they are porcelain or ceramic. Porcelain usually has a smoother feel and tends to cost more, but this may vary depending on what type of firebox you have.

To find out how much tile needed, measure the length and width of your fireplace with feet. Then divide this number by 36 inches (a foot) to get the amount of tile needed per sheet. For example: 12 ft x 12 ft = 144 square feet / 36 inches = 4 sheets per color per size.


3) Prepare and Prime the Back Plate

To start, prepare and prime the back plate. Using a drywall saw, remove any excess cement on the back plate. Use sandpaper to ensure that there are no rough spots or bumps on the back plate which can prevent tiles from sticking properly. Next, use an oil-based primer to cover the entire area of the back plate that will be tiled with mortar. Allow this primer to dry for 10 minutes before moving onto the next step.

4) Fix the Tiles

There are two things that are important when it comes to tiling a fireplace backsplash: the tiles themselves and the grout. The first step is to carefully pick out your tiles and make sure they match. To do this, use these five tips:

1) Consider color and style. Do you want them all to be the same or different? If they’re different, what colors should they be? What type of style should they have (e.g., modern, traditional)?

2) Look for uniformity. Is the tile pattern going vertically or horizontally? Or does it go both ways? How do you want your tiles arranged?

5) Clean Up Your Mess

Tiling fireplace backsplashes is an excellent way to give your home’s interior design a new look. It’s also an easy task that can be completed by anyone. Here are five easy steps you can take to tile your fireplace backsplash today:

-Locate the perimeter of the fireplace and make sure there is enough space for the tiles on either side of it. If not, you may need to remove some brick or mortar from around the edges. You should also check for any metal wire mesh or loose mortar that could be in the way of installing tile.

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