How to travel with your dog

travel with your dog

Do you want to travel with your dog during the holidays, but are you wondering what is the most suitable means of transport? We will explain everything to you

You have decided to escape with your doggie during the holidays rather than having it looked after by a dog-sitter. We explain to you in this article all you need to know to take the plane, the car or the train with a dog. dog.

Traveling with your dog by plane

For many people, traveling with their dog by plane is a very dreaded moment. Please find all the information you need to have a good time and be serene for the duration of the flight. 

Travel by plane and dog: the regulations 

Each company has a different specific regulation, remember to contact them to find out the terms. Your pet must be over 10 weeks old and be transported in a transport crate. 

Depending on its weight, it will either be admitted in the hold, in the cabin or in freight. Category 1 dogs are prohibited and category 2 dogs are permitted on cargo and caged flights only. 

Your dog must be chipped, be up to date with his vaccines and you must have all the documents necessary for his identification, such as his passport for example.

Transporting dogs by plane

To be able to board the plane, your dog must be transported in a cage approved to IATA standards, if it is traveling in the hold or on cargo flights. If your crate has wheels, they must be removed or if they are retractable, blocked with adhesive tape. 

Check the size of your crate carefully, your dog must be able to stand up and move as he wishes. Remember to write or put a label on the cage to indicate your destination with your contact details.

How to relax your dog during the flight

If your dog is in the hold, you will not be able to see it throughout the flight. So put a blanket, a piece of clothing, his favorite toy and a comforter with your scent in his transport cage. He will feel more reassured during the flight. 

Consult your veterinarian before the flight

You must consult the veterinarian several months before taking the plane to find out if your animal is able to make this trip. He will provide you with a European passport filled in by him. 

Regarding vaccines, the one against rabies is essential and depending on the desired destination other vaccines can be requested.

Traveling with your dog by car 

There are a few rules and tips to know so that your car journey goes as smoothly as possible. So you can hit the road safely.

Dogs and travel by car: regulations 

According to the highway code, it is strictly forbidden to let your dog loose in the passenger compartment of the car, as for any user, the dog must be attached with a suitable seat belt. 

It could prevent the driver from being free to move or, in the event of emergency braking, be thrown forward and thus injure a passenger. If you do not respect these rules, you can have a fine of up to 375 dollars.

Transporting dogs by car

To transport your dog safely, there are three options:

  • the bag or the transport box, remember to choose it according to the size of your dog so that he is comfortable there;
  • the safety belt attached either to a leash or to a harness;
  • the safety grid or the net which is placed behind the rear seats, if you put your dog in the back of the car at boot level.

Relax your dog during a road trip

If you can, travel with another person, this one can caress him and reassure him. Bring along his favorite toy, his blanket or any other accessory that makes him feel good. Ventilate the car from time to time. 

Remember to make stops especially if you plan to travel a long distance so that he can relieve himself. Do not hesitate to go for a short walk to stretch his legs.

Consult your veterinarian for road trips

Before leaving with your dog on vacation, it is best to consult your veterinarian. Avoid giving him food 2 to 3 hours before departure, this can prevent him from getting sick, an antiemetic can be prescribed. 

To avoid his stress, especially if he is not used to traveling by car, natural herbal treatments may be recommended. Without forgetting to never leave your dog alone in the car even if it is not very hot, he can quickly panic and become unwell.

Traveling with your dog by train: tips

Here is the essential information to know so that your dog travels by train in complete peace of mind. 

Dog on the train: regulations

Category 1 and 2 dogs are strictly prohibited. For the others, you must have all the documents necessary for its identification. It is also necessary to have the agreement of the other travelers who are in your car, to authorize it to board. 

If you want to travel abroad, he needs an up-to-date health record, be vaccinated against rabies, have a European passport and be identified using an electronic chip. 

Remember, before booking your tickets, to check with the embassy of the country to know the law in force concerning pets. Some may prohibit them except in exceptional cases such as guide dogs for the blind, this is the case of Italy for example.

How to transport your dog by train

For small dogs that weigh less than 6 kg, they must be transported in a cage, in a bag or in a basket (45 cm x 30 cm x 25 cm maximum). It will have to travel on your lap or at your feet. 

For dogs weighing more than 6 kg, they must imperatively wear a muzzle and be kept on a leash. Only the guide dog for the blind is not obliged to be muzzled if he is not used to it.

How to calm your dog on the train

Don’t forget to bring a bowl and water with you, especially if it is very hot, you can keep your dog hydrated throughout the journey. 

Reassure him by talking to him and petting him from time to time. Do not hesitate during stops, especially if you are on a long trip, to take him out to stretch his legs.

Consult your veterinarian before traveling by train

Remember to consult a veterinarian, especially to update your health record. He or she may prescribe a medicine or tranquilizer suitable for travel sickness. Think, if you can, to open the window a little so that he can receive a little air.

Grandma’s tips and tricks for traveling with your dog

To prevent your dog from getting car sick, you can attach a small bunch of parsley to his collar, the smells that will emerge will reduce his nausea. You can also prepare ginger cookies for him, which will improve his well-being during transport.

Everything is explained to help you travel and enjoy your vacation with complete peace of mind. Always remember to contact your airlines before booking a flight or a train ticket, to avoid any surprises upon departure.

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