How to use esports marketing to get more people to know about your brand

Before the year 2021, playing video games was just a normal thing to do. Today, things are not at all the same. ESA’s numbers are surprising: every day, 65 percent of Americans play games. Marketers are interested in eSports because they have such a big audience, and eSports marketing has become its own niche.


Every brand needs to keep up with the latest trends, and e-games are too big to ignore. Now is the age of mobile games, and more and more people are playing them. eSports is a unique category that opens up a lot of marketing opportunities, even if you don’t sell video games. We’ll look at how to use eSport marketing to make more people aware of your brand.

A Quick Look at eSports

Competitive gaming is what we call “eSports.” You can compete with just one other person or with a big group. Dota 2 is one of the most popular games. Online tournaments, which are popular all over the world, can be watched or taken part in. The prizes are very big and could be worth up to $40,000,000. Many well-known companies like Coca-Cola, DHL, Red Bull, and others sponsor these kinds of eSports. Overall, eSports is a great market, and your business should be a part of it. Do not waste time and jump at such a good chance.

eSports Audience

People often get gaming and eSports mixed up. Demographics are the biggest difference. Women like video games more than men, and 41% of video game players in the US are women. When it comes to eSports, most of the people who watch are men. If your brand is aimed at men between the ages of 18 and 35, eSports is your jackpot.

Find out about the most common ways to market eSports

There are many ways to use eSports to promote your business. We’ll talk about the most useful ones below.

Paid-per-click (PPC) ads

Fans of eSports watch the most on Twitch. Do you know that about 15 million people use Twitch each day? It is the best place to watch games live. Focus on Twitch if you want to start an effective marketing campaign. There are different methods of eSports advertising, and you pay based on the number of impressions. The cost of an ad depends on factors like age, location, country, etc.


OnlyFans is well-known for the large number of adult content creators and their followers that it has attracted. Exceptionally gifted models like Corinna Kopf can make up to $1 million a month as a result of their skill and hard work. Even after Corinna Kopf OnlyFans leaks, she still makes a fortune.


However, the platform has now announced that it is suspending the ability to receive payments for accounts from Russia. The service said in a statement that it has “explored several options to continue providing our services to creators who have been affected by the Russia-Ukraine war,” but that “further tightening restrictions on payments to and from Russia” are preventing it from serving Russian accounts.

The publication notes that it is unknown how the company was able to keep accounts from Russia running before, or what will change now.

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eSport Influencer Marketing

If you want a more personalized experience, your business can start working directly with streamers. These people can spread the word about your business. Keep in mind that this kind of partnership doesn’t happen on the Twitch PPC platform.

Setting up sponsorships for teams in eSports

After building a good relationship with a single eSports streamer or influencer, it’s time to sponsor the whole team. This kind of cooperation can help your brand name reach the top. What does “team” mean? You should know that streamers don’t have to compete with each other. You can get different streamers to promote your marketing campaigns by making and sponsoring eSports teams. By sponsoring a team, you can have a lot of marketing and public relations (PR) power. You save a lot of time and energy by not having to deal with streamers individually.

How to Become a Sponsor for eSports

Before you start putting money into eSports events, you should learn about the people who are interested in them. If the event is perfect for your brand’s target audience, it’s a good sign that you should start sponsoring paid eSports tournaments to reach more people. Mixing individual and team sponsorships is a good idea. The goal is to get thousands of gamers to know about your company. When you plan your next marketing campaign, using eSports will help you get better results.

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