Importance Of Medical Astrology Reading

medical astrology

Medical astrology readings study movements and positions of celestial bodies to receive divine information about human affairs and terrestrial events, yes even in an event space Hong Kong.

Many people believe that astrology reading influences their health because it describes their:

  • character traits,
  • passions,
  • strengths
  • and weaknesses.

No matter how much modern science tries to disprove the Importance of medical astrology. Yet, many patients still come seeking help from medical astrologers to guide them through their health problems.

Why do they seek help from medical astrologers rather than doctors? They understand that there are links between the energy flow within their body (chi) and the universe (astrology). The universe flows like a vast and strong river across the sky. This is what we call astrology readings.

Medical astrologers believe that illness happens when the flow of energy (chi) in a person’s body is blocked or disrupted. They also think that astrology can help them restore this energy within their body via different remedies, such as acupuncture and herbal supplements. So, according to medical astrologers, understanding your star sign will lead you to know where your problem areas are and what you need to do to restore balance in your life and prevent illness from occurring.

For example, Tropical Astrology Reading shows that Aries and Gemini people tend to get headaches because they were born with an excess of fire element (heat) within their body.

However, even if some patients still believe that medical astrology readings can help them achieve balance, Chinese doctors are less likely to find this true because they mostly stick to the biomedical model of modern medicine. Therefore, they rarely believe in medical astrology remedies. This is why most people in Hong Kong see a doctor without considering their horoscope.

Medical astrology readings are essential for health care for several reasons

Firstly, the time of birth must be recorded to determine the position of the stars before conception. This is because time spent inside the womb is like a cork inside a bottle, affecting what happens during entry into this world.

For example, if you were born soon after an eclipse or meteor shower, there may have been complications during delivery that resulted in your significant speech impairment. Secondly, a medical astrology reading can explain why you might be chronically ill, even if your symptoms do not fit within any standard medical diagnosis book. Isolated symptoms usually indicate single star-planet combinations or constellations. However, chronic illness manifests when several planets affect each other through mutual reception as a group.

In terms of medical astrology readings, the time of birth is more important than the place of birth. This is because stars have different degrees of strength. Check your horoscope and know what time it is. If you were born at night, there might have been a stronger star present in the sky, which affected your health significantly more than if you were born during daylight hours.

For example, the strong summer sun can be so powerful that people exposed to it on the day they are born will suffer from skin problems later on in life since their bodies have not had time to adjust to this influx of ultraviolet light.

In general, astrological events occurring before sunrise influence physical health, while those occurring after sunset greatly affect mental and emotional health. These two poles – physicality and spirituality – are what define us as human beings. Moreover, if you are looking to get zodiac birthday cards, check them out on

Medical astrology readings are not just a popular pastime where one can map out possible illnesses. Based on planetary movements and the patient’s natal chart

New work shows how medical astrology has practical applications in clinical medicine. It allows physicians to treat patients with increased accuracy of diagnosis and treatment protocols. Moreover, it is done without exposing them to more invasive therapies or toxic pharmaceutical agents, leading to improved patient outcomes while reducing healthcare delivery costs.

This analysis will show new data that links zodiac signs with certain diseases and treatments, resulting in greater efficacy of care at lower costs across many sectors of healthcare economics. The study uses a clinical interview process to find correlations between the twelve signs of the zodiac and pathologies and treatments. In addition, there is a focus on how these planetary positions interact with pre-existing medical conditions, such as diabetes and heart problems.

The field of medical astrology, which include medical astrology readings, applies celestial patterns to human life through a study of the planets in our solar system along with their interactions with each other, other bodies in our galaxy, and those bodies that make up what we call home, thus allowing us to gain insight into human behaviour and motivations.

Medical astrology readings have been applied since at least the time of Hippocrates (also known as “the father of medicine”), who believed that if one knew where certain planets would be in the sky at a patient’s birth, they could determine their medical predispositions and how to treat them accordingly. By knowing this, a physician could then work with a patient through their expected challenges throughout life, resulting in a better outcome for both patient and doctor.

Astrology has its origins in the ancient world, Which includes Medical astrology readings

It is believed that three astrologers decided to share their knowledge, so they came up with an idea to meet at a specific place and time. One was from the East, one was from the West, and the other was from the North. They all met at a place called Greenwich (which means ‘Green village’).

As medical astrology readings became more complex, they took over astronomy as well. Astronomers started studying stars and planets because people believed that they could predict the future by studying them (astronomy). By the late 16th century, American Indians had developed a medicine wheel; this medicine wheel used star patterns to indicate times for hunting or planting corn, etc.

The science of astrology is now called medical astrology. Through it, you can fix your health problems with the help of some remedies and suggestions. Back in those days, people believed that planets or stars influenced human beings and their life. So if we talk about medical astrology reading- then it was said that the timing of medications and diets with specific positions of planets and stars could help a person get better from an illness.

Usually, they used to prescribe appropriate dietary programs for each sun sign with appropriate medicine. Which would best suit their horoscope reading. They did deep research into what kind of food items could be good for their patients. Based on what planet rules the stomach and what other planets rule some other part of the body.

In some Indian medical literature, remedies for problems like diarrhoea, flatulence etc., are also mentioned, based on this astrologer’s theory.

In those days, patients were advised to take these medicines only during some specific planetary position.

The importance of medical astrology reading is that it explains the link between planetary positions and health problems

This field is considered an important study in astrology, so astrologers must gain knowledge about it. The basic idea behind medical astrology readings is that planets can affect human beings if they are ill or not. Furthermore, it is said that these planets may have a negative effect. On different parts of the body during certain periods. Which means that activities linked with some planets can cause some illnesses.

For example, Jupiter rules over one’s liver, while Mars controls one’s blood flow; diseases linked with them are related to these organs too. Cancer, hepatitis B and excessive menstruation are examples of illnesses caused by Jupiter and Mars, respectively.

It is an important factor to consider when choosing a doctor for one’s self or loved ones. Medical astrology readings can help people in finding the right doctor and getting treatment in time. The best way to benefit from all this is by looking for a qualified chart reader. Who will provide you with detailed information about your health.

In medical astrology readings, the effects of the planets on one’s body organs can be measured. And predicted by examining a person’s horoscope. In addition to that, the positive and negative effects of different medications over a certain part. And also organ in a patient’s body can also be determined.

People need to follow their doctor’s advice regarding medications because it would positively or negatively depend on their planetary positions. Since astrology provides insights about which medication will positively affect a particular organ in a patient’s body. Medical astrology readings are beneficial in gaining knowledge about treating illnesses.





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