Is it Worth to Grow a Podcast and Build More Listeners?


It was estimated that 9% of US adults between the ages of 18 and 49 listened to podcasts in 2009; by 2016, that number had increased to more than 20%. According to a BBC estimate from 2014, the UK alone downloaded its podcast more than 1.1 billion times.

The fact that 55% of Americans are familiar with podcasts is fantastic. Podcasts’ accessibility of use and sense of intimacy are the main factors in their excess in society. So keep reading about the reason to grow a podcast and why it benefits your business.

Reasons to Get a Podcasts to Digital Marketing Field:

Podcasts are flexible, educational, and overpowering. There is so much promise in just one media that no marketer should overlook. 3% of marketers produce podcasts.

Here are some of the explanations for why including a digital marketing podcast in your marketing strategy is a good idea:

Podcasts are engaging:

Podcasts are a lot more engaging than the other type of information. Simply playing and listening is all that’s required of the readers. They can do this while walking, cooking, or driving. You can multitask while listening to a Podcast because it doesn’t take complete focus. An increasing number of people are listening to podcasts because they are so easy for listeners to follow. 

Low barriers to Entry

You can create podcasts from anywhere and grow a podcast easily. Many people produce podcasts on the streets, while others choose to do it from studios or their homes. Anyone may start a podcast on any subject or theme, and it just costs a small amount of money. Additionally, there is no requirement for a script; if you have one, you can still record conversational Podcasts. 

Bring Valuable Traffic and boosts SEO strategy

Make sure every episode of every podcast you host contains a transcript. By doing this, you’ll be able to use more keywords and increase your chances of getting more people to visit your Website. The links can be included on the Website again, which will undoubtedly increase Traffic. With the titles and descriptions of podcasts, keyword management is possible. Additionally, you can post the episode’s transcript on your written blogs as a link to your Website. 

Podcasts are more effective.

Because the listeners are influenced by what they hear, podcasts are more powerful. Three million podcast listeners were examined, and 63% of respondents said they had purchased the item that the show’s host had suggested. When asked whether a podcast had an effect on their buying decisions, 71% of listeners said they had visited the sponsor’s Website after hearing about it on the programmer. 

Podcasts are more creative.

Podcasts are more creative than radio programmers since they are free from federal law’s requirements for their content. They can therefore be more creative with their content and advertisements. Podcast ads are unique. The hosts read advertisements in the show’s tone, which differs from a typical marketing message.

Final Verdict:

It is clear that podcasts for digital marketing are flexible after learning so much about them. A digital marketing podcast frequently introduces fresh subjects and ideas in order to remain current and consistent with the audience. They can begin with subjects like sports, health, stories, reviews, and news, among other things. 

Additionally, blogs and podcasts can be changed into one another. Podcasts can be created from videos as well. Every podcast can be shared on social media sites if you want to grow a podcast. You can reach various audience segments and attract new customers.

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