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What does a Planning and Scheduling Engineer, a Project manager Engineer, a Planning Engineer who wishes to enhance their professionalism by acquiring a unique set of skills and knowledge, a new graduate who is seeking more significant and lucrative job opportunities, an engineer looking for a rise in their income and keen to learn how to plan and work effectively, an engineer who’s been stressed and punished by missed deadlines and desperately want to change their situation, or an engineer who lacks principles in their work, have in common? They are all looking to develop life-changing planning skills to meet every one of their deadlines and want to see their projects from a manager’s point of view! And the answer to all of their problems can be a Project Scheduling Professional (PSP) workshop! 

Well, I think I’m getting ahead of myself! Let’s start from the beginning! Hi! I’m here to talk about PSP and its benefits; if you want to grow in your project planning and scheduling profession or become internationally recognized as a member of AACE PSP certified person! 

What to Expect if You Want to Pursue a Career as a Project Scheduling Professional?

Obviously, the Planning and Scheduling Professional training aids the project management team in developing, monitoring, and updating the project plan and schedule so that the project’s execution happens in the most efficient way possible. 

As a PSP Specialist, you will assist in developing and implementing proper planning and scheduling techniques and methods. Prepare guidelines for project planning, scheduling management, and control. Support the project team toward project plan development by translating the project plan into the project’s schedule. You will be the leader in developing and analyzing project schedules, CPM software implementation, time impact, and researching project delays and the one keeping the project’s periodic program up to date! You should always be aware of the process, and based on your monitoring and updating of the schedule progress, you need to inform the project management team of changes to schedule outcomes. And most importantly, you are the one who schedules progress reports preparation and provides trending charts and analysis. You must maintain logs of the project’s scope changes, trends, and variances that potentially affect schedule performance.

As you can see, the job description and what your team and company expect from you as the new Project Scheduling Professional is pretty challenging! So unmistakably, the AACE PSP examination would be as challenging as the new shoes you are about to fill! 

The Project Scheduling Professional (PSP) Exam Requirements and Structure:

To be qualified for the Project Scheduling Professional examination, you need to have a minimum experience of four years in planning and Scheduling plus a four-year college or university degree. If you do not have a university or a college degree, you must have at least eight years of experience in project management, Scheduling, and planning. PSP is a closed book exam and will take 5 hours to complete! You will have 119 multiple-choice and compound scenario questions to go through. Plus, an essay writing assignment with a given scenario and instructions for registering a response in an onscreen text box.

To become a certified Planning & Scheduling Professional (PSP), you must meet the minimum eligibility requirements of AACE!

PSP Workshops Benefits:  

Now let us get back to the workshop situation I wanted to tell you about!

A Planning and Scheduling Professional workshop will minimize your study time and help you to understand and answer several questions, such as 

  1. How to achieve the project’s objective?
  2. How do you accomplish the project in the right way?
  3. Who is responsible for different parts of the project?
  4. What is the project’s timeframe, and how to effectively monitor the progress?

So it’s worth mentioning the Planning & Scheduling Professional workshop focuses on reviewing subjects covered in the exam and working through various sample questions to prepare you for the exam. Plus, you can obtain a general knowledge of project planning and scheduling! 

Pay attention to the workshops’ outlines and objectives to find the best options based on your personal needs and requirements!

The main outlines of the PSP workshops should be close to the list below to make you a better scheduler and planning professional:

  1. Help you understand planning elements and their definitions.
  2. Help you with work breakdown structure (WBS), organizational breakdown structure (OBS), and cost breakdown structure (CBS)
  3. It would be best if you learned about different types of schedules.
  4. Help you build critical path methods and schedule development.
  5. Resource loading & leveling
  6. Schedule compression or schedule maintenance
  7. Time/Cost Integration Considerations

If you choose your PSP workshop correctly, you will find new ways to achieve your career goals or change your aim to a planning career.

In the 3targets psp workshop, you can think about planning differently. The PSP course assists you in creating, reviewing, and editing project plans and schedules. I can’t emphasize enough the benefits of the PSP workshop to help you become a uniquely skilled planner who can ensure everything is achievable through your planning skills!

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