Oriental Design Tips For Master Bedroom Decorating


Decorating the master bedroom with oriental motifs and full-fledged themes has become quite popular in recent years. This is likely due to the fact that most Americans find oriental decor themes to be cozy, soothing and relaxing, so it makes sense to use them in master bedroom decorating plans. This is a truly exciting project; There are so many things you can do to make your sunny room look not only pretty but also oriental. Your first choice is between light and dark accent furniture, oosterse lamp, light is creamy gold and dark is black and gold, very different but each has its own pros. If you prefer black accents, the walls should be kept in a neutral hue so that the accent pieces stand out. The seat should be openwork rattan with an oriental feel and puffy plush cushions. Most manufacturers will have a juicy solid dark red while others will even have oriental fabrics if you look closely enough. For all occasions, a three-seater sofa, a two-seater sofa and a chair should be enough. Black chinoiserie is perfect for accenting this room.

Chinoiserie uses Western-style furniture, mostly French, decorated with Chinese art in gold with touches of color. These are dramatic plays, and there are plenty to choose from. The harpsichord-style table and chair are not only elegant but functional at the same time, and if you have another wall calling for something beautiful, a tall chinoiserie-style bookcase with a glass top is ideal. If you don’t have room for either of these, how about a French Chinoiserie Secretaire, which is much smaller but just as functional, or an elegant, 18th-century-style multi-shelf computer cabinet. Inside there are open compartments and a file drawer, all computer equipment and wires are hidden behind two large doors, no one will ever guess what it was, and these days everyone has a computer for which they need to find a place. Pair these with matching dainty pedestal tables or oval lamp tables with drawers and chest or a long table instead of a western style coffee table.

However, you don’t have to completely redo the master bedroom to touch the east. Sometimes you can just start small or do it little by little and you still get the soothing oriental decoration you’ve been craving.

Oriental decor is the creation of a special atmosphere. You can turn your master bedroom into a secluded retreat that allows you to completely escape the fast pace of everyday life, for example, or you can simply add a few calm touches here and there that will greatly reduce your stress levels. every time you enter the room.

Oriental styles of decoration are usually intricate and ornate. For example, instead of painting the walls plain white, you can add textured or patterned wallpaper, or paint them in darker, more elegant colors. For example, walls covered with rice paper or adding textures of bamboo will give you a nice neutral base to decorate in your master bedroom. If you prefer paint, of course, but don’t want to associate yourself with any colors that might be too bold or overbearing, then try an earthy tone to start with.

For your fixtures and lamps, replace bright wattage bulbs with lower wattage bulbs to create a more intimate and peaceful feeling in the room. An alternative, which of course works well, is to install a dimmer. This way you can make the light in your room brighter as needed. You can add a touch of oriental design by wearing new lampshades or by simply throwing oriental-inspired fabric over existing ones.

If you’re working on existing furniture in the master bedroom, consider painting it black. The wood finish is fine for an oriental style master bedroom, but the black color blends in much better with the overall look. And of course, if you’re buying all new furniture, then it’s much easier because you can just buy plateau oriental models right from the start.

For accents and accessories in the oriental master bedroom, consider installing a small tabletop stone fountain, plenty of exotic flowers—fresh is always fine, but silk flowers work just as well—and wall hangings or art prints that reflect oriental scenes. You can also add oriental-style floor mats or even drape oriental blankets over stools or seating chairs.