Pamper Your Plants with these Beautiful Pots

pots for home plants

Find the right home for your plants

Whether spicing up your home decor or nurturing your plants, suitable plant pots are essential. They ensure your plants thrive and contribute to the aesthetic beauty of your home. Plants act as natural air purifiers. Some, like Aloe Vera and Gardenia, have demonstrated an ability to improve the quality of one’s sleep when placed in the living room. Therefore, their place in a beautiful, artistic, healthy home is unquestionable. 

One can opt for various functional designs that liven up your home and give it an avant-garde edge. Living in an apartment with little gardening space can challenge our current cosmopolitan climate. Container gardening has gained popularity because it allows us to nurture plants anywhere, be it our balcony or a more restrictive corner of our house. Keep in mind that you enrich your home decor with each type of vase/pot. The essentials to choosing the right pot are considering drainage, porosity, weight, aesthetics, durability, and cost. 

Almost every plant is comfortable in a glazed ceramic pot. Plastic plant pots and vases absorb heat and can be used for indoor plants, while terracotta pots are ideal for succulents. 

Ensure that you buy a pot with a diameter at least one inch wider than the diameter of your root mass. The varieties of plant pots available include 10-inch pots, 14-inch pots, 18-inch pots, 24-inch pots, and 30-inch pots. 

The 10-inch diameter plant pots can hold up to three gallons of soil. They can grow succulents, certain herbs, vegetables like strawberries and turnips, and flowers like marigolds and zinnias. The 14-inch diameter plant pots can grow cabbage, spinach, and other greens like kale and chard. The 18-inch diameter plant pots can grow certain berries, cacti, and vegetables like broccoli, peppers, and tomatoes. The 24-inch diameter plant pots can hold up to 24 gallons of soil, and large house plants can be grown in these pots, such as pomegranates and apples. The 30-inch diameter pots usually serve as nursery pots for trees that’ll eventually be developed in the ground and aren’t as feasible an option for indoor gardening. 

Selecting the proper pot may seem to be just a matter of aesthetics. However, the suitable container and the potting mix directly influence the water available for your growing plant. 

When dealing with flower bouquets, it might be tricky to find vases that complement your blossoms because of the vast array of possibilities. You can opt for a timeless glass vase, a contemporary and durable metal vase, a sufficiently waterproof wooden vase, or a crystal vase. Crystal ones usually hold the universal symbol of love – long stem roses. There are various types of vases like 

  • Mason Jar – 

It is a cost-effective option that fits in perfectly with rustic decor and can give off a vintage or modern vibe, depending on how you style them. 

  •  Milk Bottle vase – 

It is perfect for bouquets with plenty of foliage and filler stems. 

  • Rustic vase – 

These can support top-heavy flowers because of their broad base and narrow opening. Perfect for a kitchen setting. 

  • Cylinder vase – 

They have a timeless quality because of their round, symmetrical shape from mouth to base and pair beautifully with red roses, orchids, and single flowers. 

  • Bouquet vase – 

It works best when holding lush bouquets with a large head of flowers because of its bottom-heavy shape. 

  • Square or Cube vase- 

It is perfect as a centrepiece, paired with books or candles, because of its petite quality. 

  • Ceramic vase- 

These work well when decorating bookshelves and are a staple for indoor plants. 

  • Bud vase – 

These pair well with a minimalistic style and highlight single flowers to create an intimate and elegant setting. 

  • Bowl vase – 

Alternatively known as Fishbowl vases, these can store Hydrangeas, peonies, and tulips. Flowers kept in this vase often last longer because their shape creates a greenhouse effect. 

  • Pedestal vase- 

These have broad, flat lips and narrow bodies, commonly seen at weddings.  

  • Trumpet vase – 

These have a long neck, a narrow base, and an opening that flares like a trumpet. They’re often used to add another layer to wedding flower arrangements because of their height. 

  • Pail vase – 

These have a wide metal handle and a slightly narrow base. The metal additions are perfect for a rustic farmhouse decor look. 

  • Pitcher vase- 

With a short handle and an elongated mouth to facilitate easy pour, these kitchen table staples can exude soft luxury when containing roses or tulips. 

  • Amphora vase- 

These have a curvy body, cylindrical handles, and a flaring lip reminiscent of ancient chalices. It infuses a luxurious vintage feel into your home.  

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