Reasons to Use Rubber Keyrings to Promote Your Brand


If there are a lot of other businesses offering the same goods or services as yours, you will need to devise ways to promote your brand and make it stand out. Marketing experts believe that it takes between 5 and 7 impressions before customers can readily recall your brand. This means that for your business to succeed, you will need to make a deliberate effort in your marketing and branding. One way you can do this is by using promotional items, such as rubbers keyrings, t-shirts, mugs, and others, to improve your brand awareness among current and potential customers and get a sizeable portion of the market.

So, why should you consider using rubber keyrings to promote your brand?

They bring your brand’s personality to life

If you feel like your brand has been forgotten or is seemingly dead in the minds of your prospective customers, you will need to come up with ideas to make it come to life again. One of the ways to brand items is through the use of colours. For instance, the colour red brings out passionate feelings, and colours including blue or green are stunning and highly favoured.

The good news is that irrespective of the colour your company has picked for your brand, using rubber keyrings is one of the best ways to show it off. You also stand a better chance of hyping your brand and making customers better remember your brand or company.

Rubber keyrings are easy to customise

One of the best things about using keyrings to promote your brand is that they are easy to customise. Your company can choose whichever colour or size it wants for its promotion. Besides, good-sized keyrings allow you to add a catchy slogan or tagline to them to market your brand. What’s more, you can have glowing rubber keyrings that are easily noticeable even at night, further improving your brand awareness.

They are affordable and easy to transport

Because all businesses want to be profitable, they must watch their costs, including their marketing and branding costs. Luckily, rubber keyrings from Rocket Badge are affordable, helping companies to market themselves while still sticking to a budget. They can cost as little as a pound per piece, and the price can be even lower when you buy them in bulk and have a good relationship with the manufacturers.

In addition, promotional keyrings are easy to distribute because they are small and light and don’t take up so much space. You can ship thousands of them to your offices, or venues hosting events to be given out without any problems. This makes them one of the most suitable items to gift in large numbers during sports events, trade fairs, and other events.

Rubber keyrings are durable and fashionable

Unlike some promotional items, rubber keyrings are durable, allowing the recipients to use them for a long time. This ensures your brand keeps getting recognized without incurring ongoing expenses; hence you get a great return on investment. Moreover, rubber keyrings are fashionable, making them perfect gifts for many groups of people, but mostly the youth who find them trendy.


If you are unsure if rubber keyrings are the right promotional item for your brand, we hope this article has given you several reasons to consider them. Keyrings will help to bring your brand back to life, are easily customisable, durable and fashionable, and are cost-effective.

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