Remove static electricity from clothing

static electricity in clothes

A shock when you shake someone’s hand, this phenomenon is related to static electricity. Here are some tips to get rid of them.

The precautions to take

In order to prevent static electricity from colonizing your clothes, it is important that you already take some precautions. Indeed, static electricity is formed in the absence of humidity. It is therefore recommended to favor cotton or woolen clothes because their fibers offer good moisture absorption. Indeed, clothing made of synthetic material should be avoided because of its low ability to absorb moisture. Also, if you have synthetic clothes, avoid tumble drying them after washing. Also, do not use fabric softener with these synthetic garments.

Eliminate static electricity

Scrub the inside of your garment with an anti- static sheet. By doing so, you will transfer electrons from the garment to the sheet.

Using a spray bottle filled with water, spray the outer parts of your garment where you notice static electricity. Be careful not to over-wet your laundry. You can also use a damp washcloth. All you need is to make it absorb moisture in order to get rid of electrons. Even when your garment has dried, you no longer have to worry about static electricity returning.

Another solution to get rid of static electricity on clothes is to use hairspray spray. To do this, hold the spray can as far away as your arms will allow and spray on the (external) places where your garment hugs your body. Another trick is to spray the hairspray in your hands and rub your garment. Choose fragrance-free lacquers.

Apply moisturizer to the places on your skin where the garment sticks. The cream will act as a barrier and prevent electrons from migrating to your skin. An alternative to moisturizer is baby powder but being messy, be sure to use it on white clothes only! It will also leave a rather characteristic odor on you.

Another way is to touch any metallic object connected to the ground to get rid of any static electricity. For example, you can touch the metal fences. On the other hand, avoid door handles that are not connected to the ground, you could have a static shock. Another trick with metal objects is to use an iron on the lowest setting. The metal in your iron will transfer static electricity from the garment to the ground. If your pants or skirt are too sticky, all you need to do is attach a bobby pin to the hem.

Another trick to eliminate static electricity in the wash is to add 60 ml of baking soda and 60 ml of vinegar to the rinse cycle.

As a reminder, it is not recommended to dry synthetic clothes in the dryer. However, if you absolutely want to do so, place a cloth soaked in white vinegar in the dryer before starting it. However, if you find the vinegar smell too strong, you can add a few drops of essential oil or just pop a wet towel into the dryer.

Prevent static electricity

To avoid static electricity problems long-term, increase the humidity of your home. To do this, get a humidifier from a DIY store near you and install it for periods when the air is dry, in summer and winter. If you prefer not to buy one, you can just hang clothes that are likely to carry static electricity in your bathroom after your bath or shower.

Before washing your clothes in the machine, make a ball with aluminum foil slightly smaller than a tennis ball and put it in the drum in the middle of the clothes. It will prevent static electricity from depositing on your clothes.

Your feet are also a conductor of static electricity. So, choose shoes with rubber soles. An effective trick is to go barefoot when you are at home. If you don’t want to go barefoot, you can put aluminum foil in your shoes.

With these eco tips, say goodbye to static electricity on your clothes!

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