Romantic poems for wife

Romantic poems for her

Poem: She is my Angel!

fell asleep in his arms
On my big warm and fragrant bed
That night, I was able to celebrate in a low voice
His love, his grace, his joy, his kindness.

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To wake me, my darling lady
Was able to remove his arm that was embracing me
I wanted to sleep more with my sweetheart
A pretty mermaid of all beauty.

This very beautiful bird in its branch
Was waiting for the dawn for concert time,
The breeze will help us on the journey
His wings will carry me through the air.

It’s her, yes she, the tender woman,
Who introduced me to true love
She, who painted my soul white
And taught me to live nights and days.

She is the best and real gift
I was soaring high with my faithful angel
In search of a good and beautiful fate
She never leaves me, even if we call her.

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I love you: Short poem for her!

The woman is love and hope,
A rose in all its splendor
Lift up the heart and calm the pain
Its shape clearly shows its greatness.

She is good, the lady from our house
I only court and love her
With her adorable pretty soft eyes
And, for good, it is the most beautiful.

I would like with my means, to have it
Through poetry, song, dance, sound,
My rhymes well tuned to duty,
To compose a nice song for him.

In front of you, I really have to say,
You inhabit me with your power
I love and adore your wide smile
Full of excitement, joy and hope.

Your pride must be immense,
Your grace, your kindness, your beauty,
Bring you strong power,
And easily demonstrates my fragility.

Your tenderness is love itself,
Your killer gaze full of happiness

Fine love for her

She was often silent
But she often meant a lot
She has a more than natural look,
But her heart is very pure
She’s been with me for six long years
In some of my torments
In some of my despair,
And in some of my happiness.
I really followed him
For her to know me
like a true friend
Accompanying him in these misfortunes and happinesses.
I was talking to her all the time
And she listened to me attentively.
Sometimes I cried
And often she was with me to comfort me.
I’ve seen him cry before
But I don’t like it
Because it is then a misfortune
Who fell on her.
I liked it very much,
But she put the “hola”
So that we can preserve ourselves
And even better be friends
We argued yes,
But to get closer
And get to know each other better.
Now the number of years,
that we will share,
are innumerable,
Even for others.
Even though I don’t tell her enough
She is very important to me,
And let’s not lose sight of each other…
I want to live pure moments of happiness with her
And accompanied him in his torments,
Without brutalizing her, because evil
I don’t want to talk to him about it, ever…
Friends for a long time, friends forever,
Here is a message to tell you,
With all my heart,
That I will never forget you…

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