How to Shop For Diamonds When You Need An Engagement Ring, Businesswear, And Jewelry

Engagement Ring

With so many beautiful diamond designs and jewelry items to choose from, it can seem overwhelming to figure out how and where to buy the perfect items. Needless to say, buying diamond jewelry items will be one of the biggest purchases for many people. It is important to make sure that you do it right.

Diamond jewelry items can be very important, but not only because they can be very costly. If you’re looking for an engagement ring or you want to shine with office wear jewelry items, you would want people to love and appreciate them as much as you do. With so many types of diamonds and jewelry ideas, it can be quite overwhelming to find ideal diamond jewelry that represents your love and commitment.

But don’t worry – think of this as your ultimate guide to shopping for the ideal sparkler. Through this user-friendly guide, you can learn how to shop for diamond jewelry items that you can treasure forever. So let’s get to it!

Know the Four Cs of Diamonds

You might have heard of the “4 Cs,” the official diamond grading system which has now become commonly known. Let’s look at what every one of the four Cs stands for and how that knowledge can help you get the perfect diamond for yourself.


The “cut” here has more to do with the sparkle factor than most people think. Cuts are classified from poor to excellent. It is important to point out that when any diamond is cut into a shape, like oval or round brilliant, it’s done in ways to make sure that the facets interact with light in such a way to offer utmost bling.


You might already know that the weight or size of any diamond is measured in carats. One carat is the average diamond size in engagement rings, which is 200 milligrams. However, there are much bigger diamonds as well.


Even the most beautiful diamonds can have flaws. Flaws are known as inclusions. These can be tiny blank or white flecks or lines and can be caused naturally as the stone forms in the earth over thousands of years. These tiny flaws determine a diamond’s clarity. The clarity for diamonds is graded from “Flawless (F1)” to “Included (I3)”. The fewer and less visible the flaws or inclusions, the more flawless the stone is.


Diamonds come in a variety of different shades. However, the rarest ones are colorless. The color of diamonds is ranked from D-no color to Z, which is visibly yellowish. The colorless ones are the most expensive. Lately, fancy colors like pink or chocolate have become popular. In such cases, the more saturated the color, the more expensive the stone will be.

Engagement and Wedding Rings: Choose Your Shape

When it comes to engagement rings or wedding day diamonds, you should choose the type of diamond that speaks to your individual style. Here’s an overview of the most well-known shapes to help you choose.


Round is perhaps the most talked about shape and can highlight a diamond’s brilliance like no other.


Oval-shaped diamonds can complement long, lean fingers perfectly.


Large facets can illustrate and prove a diamond’s excellent clarity.


A square emerald can be visually pleasing and has a sleek geometric feel.


This shape was first created in the 1800s. This timeless and high-quality cut is predominantly square with rounded edges.


The broad, pyramidal shape with a flat top can make a diamond look bigger than it is.


This long, tapered style can elongate and slim the look of a finger. With a larger surface area than many other shapes, it can also visually maximize the carat size.


A well-cut pear-shaped diamond looks extra delicate on a light, thin band and can also hide clarity imperfections.

Natural or Lab created Diamond Rings

You should also consider going for lab grown diamond engagement rings. Note that the differences between lab created diamonds and natural diamonds cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Lab grown diamonds are chemically identical to naturally-mined diamonds and their sparkle is actually the same as natural stones. In fact, lab created diamonds are formed under controlled conditions, which means they are likely to have higher clarity than naturally-mined diamonds.

The best news is that lab created diamonds offer great value, as they can cost as much as 30% less than naturally-mined diamonds of similar size and quality.

Where to Buy a Diamond Ring and Jewelry?

There are many options to choose from when it comes to where you can buy diamond jewelry and engagement rings from. Every option offers some advantages. Let’s look at some of the best options.

Private Jeweler

If you know exactly what you want and don’t have to browse and put on lots of options to try, you should go for custom designing your diamond jewelry items with a private jeweler. You are also likely to get better pricing with a private jeweler without the overhead of a storefront.

Moreover, you can get a more personalized shopping experience that will give you a sense of satisfaction. You can consult with a private jeweler and review the four Cs and also choose the right diamond with a budget.


Online shopping has made it very easy to shop for diamonds and diamond jewelry items, including lab created diamond rings. You can browse through hundreds of options. Some online stores allow users to watch a 360-degree video of the diamond or the jewelry item to check for any flaws that could not be seen in pictures. Certain e-commerce stores also offer background and details on whether diamonds are conflict-free and where they come from.

Local Stores

If you admire diamond jewelry by a specific designer or a jewelry brand, check local diamond stores and see if you can get what you need from a local jewelry shop or a shopping mall near you.

Remember that many major retail chains and designers schedule trunk shows at local stores from time to time. You can expect a wider variety of styles and may even be able to benefit from special discounts and incentives.


Now you know what things to keep in mind when you have to shop for diamond engagement rings and jewelry items. Depending on what you’re looking for, choose the best place to avail the best service and quality when you go shopping.

We understand that shopping for diamonds and jewelry can still be stressful and confusing. Keeping in mind that diamonds can cost a lot, trying to find the perfect balance of clarity, color, carat weight, and cut quality is the way to go.

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