Silver vs. Cryptocurrency: Which Is Better?

The global economic landscape is massively changing, bringing unique investment options that didn’t exist in previous centuries, such as cryptocurrency. On the other hand, centuries-old silver, a precious metal, is still a major asset that people rely on to build their portfolios. Hence, the real question arises, which investment is better in silver vs. cryptocurrency?

If you are interested in getting a simple answer to “How many silver coins should I own?” we suggest you hold that thought. Read this comprehensive guide before knowing about both sides of the equation.

Silver vs. Cryptocurrency: Which Investment Is Worth It?

Silver vs. cryptocurrency is a broad subject. Therefore, we will look at five factors and compare the two investment types based on them. These deciding factors will facilitate you in reaching a valuable decision that benefits your future finances.


Tangibility is important for some investors as it allows individuals more control over their assets. That’s one of the reasons why precious metals are a favorite of some investors. While having high reserves might take up storage, it still gives investors the satisfaction of having their assets somewhere safe.

Silver is a tangible commodity as it’s sold in coins and bars. You can also use your precious metal IRA to store silver securely for as long as possible. However, tangibility poses a threat of theft or robbery, which can result in losing all your silver reserves in one go.

In contrast, cryptocurrency isn’t a tangible asset. Instead, its popularity depends upon it being the first digital currency globally. Hence, you don’t have to deal with storage issues or the physical stealing of crypto.

Despite that, cyber-attacks may affect your crypto reserves. Moreover, you don’t have enough control over crypto as you have on silver.


Another major deciding factor is how liquid your assets are. Liquidity ensures that you can easily convert your investment into cash without a hassle.

Silver is a highly liquid asset similar to other precious metals. You can easily contact your precious metal IRA to exchange or sell your silver bullion at the current market price.

The liquidity of a cryptocurrency is still quite questionable. The crypto market remains open for trading 24 hours every seven days. However, how liquid crypto is depends on the currency you have invested in.

Popular currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum are highly liquid as people always look for ways to buy these currencies. On the contrary, many small or unpopular cryptocurrencies that beginners can usually afford aren’t highly liquid. Hence, there’s a cap on your cryptocurrency’s liquidity.

Fun fact: there are over 21,000 different cryptocurrencies traded globally.


If you watch the news religiously or even sparingly, you must have heard of the constant fluctuations in the economic market. Every investment is prone to fluctuations. However, the more a market fluctuates, the more volatile it is.

All precious metals depend upon the market’s supply and demand, and this includes silver. Geopolitical scenarios also impact the market, especially if there’s a limit to the commodity’s reserves.

Silver is also a volatile market compared to gold, as its prices fluctuate more. Despite that, silver is a fairly stable investment if you compare silver vs. cryptocurrency. Moreover, the fluctuations in silver prices aren’t massive, and usually, the market returns to baseline soon.

Cryptocurrency, on the other hand, is a highly volatile investment. The value of crypto widely depends upon the big players in the industry. A single tweet or negative media can cause people to drop their crypto reserves like a hot potato.

Hence, if you plan on buying silver with crypto, it might be a better investment than choosing crypto alone.


Confidentiality or anonymity is crucial for investors with massive investment portfolios. These individuals don’t want to advertise their wealth and mainly keep it hidden for security reasons.

Purchasing silver allows you this confidentiality, as there are no records of silver transactions. You buying silver is no one’s business unless you are purchasing from a reliable precious metal exchange service. In such cases, reputable exchange services always ensure confidentiality for their clients.

Cryptocurrency’s confidentiality and anonymity are still gray areas. Since every transaction is recorded on a public ledger, the option of anonymity decreases. However, anonymous fraud activities behind cryptocurrencies are also prevalent, as tracking blockchains is an energy, time, and money-consuming process.

Inflation Hedge

As inflation is at its peak, you may have noticed a considerable drop in the value of dollars and other currencies. People lose their purchasing power, so investors rely widely on inflation hedges to protect them during such times.

Silver, just like other precious metals, is a popular inflation hedge. People buy silver to stay secure during times when inflation rises. Money depreciates, whereas silver either remains stable or rises during a market crisis.

As opposed to silver, cryptocurrency usually follows a similar trend as the stock market. During economic crises, cryptocurrency has always reduced in value. Hence, you can’t rely on this investment if you create a financial backup for yourself during challenging times.

Orion Metal Exchange Is a Renowned Precious Metal Exchange Service

When comparing silver vs. cryptocurrency, silver is a safe bet. However, if you want to explore the world of investment, you can create a diverse portfolio by investing in both.

“How many silver coins should I buy?” “How much cryptocurrency should I initially buy?” The answers to these questions depend on your preference. You can also consult a professional investor for making these decisions.

Orion Metal Exchange is a highly esteemed precious metals exchange service that offers clients precious metal IRAs and other services to help them create a diverse portfolio. Their 40 years of combined experience and 5-star ratings signify their credibility and reliability.

You can check out their official website for more information on a precious metals IRA or contact them for any queries.

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