Some Pro Tips on How to Control a VIP Crowd

VIP Crowd

If you’ve ever worked with VIP guests, then you know it can be stressful trying to keep them happy and comfortable and control the crowd around them. 

The last thing you want to do is cause a scene or lose one of your most prized clients because they aren’t comfortable or have what they need during their stay. 

However, there are things that you can do to make this experience easier on yourself and the guest, especially if this isn’t the first time you’ve had to deal with VIP guests. 

1. Have Security on Hand

If you’re having an event, it’s a good business practice to have some sort of security on hand, not just for safety, but also for control. If you know that VIP guests may be in attendance, it’s a good idea to hire security guards who can make sure they aren’t disrupting other guests. 

Hiring security guards is a great way to keep VIP crowds in line and prevent future problems. The last thing you want to do is call attention to your party by causing a fight. Security professionals are trained to handle sensitive situations while still being effective at controlling them.

To increase the security at your event, you can use retractable stanchions to keep guests away from the guests. 

2. Prepare the Venue with Signs

You’ve done all you can at your venue. This time has now come for the real show. Make sure that your audiences who are outside, know exactly where they should enter or stand so they don’t block traffic or get lost in the crowd. 

You might want to place signage outside that clearly reads VIP Entrance, or instruct them to have their ticket ready for a fast-track entry. Another great idea is placing security personnel right at your entrance doors to check IDs before allowing anyone through. 

Signage will help the crowd understand where they should stand and which one is the restricted place. Any corporate gifts for the VIP guests should be handed over to them once they have cleared the entrance door. 

3. Have an Emergency Plan

You never know when you might have a crazy fan to deal with, so you should always have an emergency plan. First, think about where you’re going to be in advance. Even if it’s just for a quick signing or event, knowing where you’ll be can help keep things under control. 

And always tell a specialist security guard responsible about your whereabouts. This guard can be a friend or one of the personal security staff. 

This way someone can call security if necessary. Finally, as an event organizer and security provider, don’t try to create a situation where the VIP guest has to sign everything and take pictures with everyone. 

It may seem rude at first, but remember that being a little bit rude is much better than being walked over by overly-enthusiastic fans. Following these measures, you will be able to efficiently control a VIP without causing any mishaps or mistreatments. 

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