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The northern India region experiences the winter season from October to March. During the season, the weather turns from mild to extreme cold, even temperature drops to -2 to -14 degrees. Due to being surrounded by the Himalayan peaks, it experiences maximum freezing winter compared to other parts of the country. The places situated at higher altitudes are popular sites for tourists. Famous for adventurous activities like trekking, bike riding, skiing etc.


Spiti valley is rich in natural beauty like mountains, forests, and lakes and is home to many old monasteries. The valley is at a higher altitude and surrounded by the Himalayas, making it the coldest place in the country. It is under deep snow six months of the year. It only receives sunshine for 250 days and has a harsh winter season. The untouched beauty of Spiti is remarkable to witness and experienced by visitors. Spiti valley is heaven for nature and adventure lovers. The nature and climatic conditions are very comfortable to explore the area. The glaciers, snowy mountains, rivers and forests are more stunning in winter under snow.


In Winters, Spiti valley is honestly paradise. The Winter tour in Spiti is full of adventure and thrilling experiences. The white sheet of snow covering the barren cold desert makes it look like a perfect fairyland to explore. Deeper into Spiti valley, it is full of vibrant untold locations like monasteries, snow-peaked mountains, clear lakes and small villages. 

Marvellous spots

These are marvellous spots for having some time in nature exploring the wild with so many activities. It is harder for visitors to transport freely during winter. The temperature is unbearable. It falls to -30 degrees with heavy snowfalls. Due to heavy snowfall, the major roads like Manali – Rohtang Pass – Kunzum La – Kaza are closed. The only way to enter Spiti valley is possible through the IndoTibet highway covering Shimla – Kalpa – Kaza. The only available route to enter exist in Spiti valley during winter.


During the seven days of winter travel


During the seven days of winter travel, numerous locations to enjoy scenic vistas. Travelling this time will feel like walking into a frozen village. There are the following things to enjoy during the trip.

  • There are trekking sites in the snow at Hikkim, Langza, and Komic. The local guide is available for safety reasons.
  • Kibber village is famous for Snow Leopards. Exploring the area, you can spot leopards accidentally.
  • The locals in Spiti valley are another beautiful sight to experience during winter. You can spend time with residents, learn about their culture and traditions like food, clothes, carnivals etc.
  • There is snow everywhere, visitors can play and enjoy it like a kid.

 Oldest sanctum  Key Monastery 

The Key Monastery is the oldest sanctum for Buddhist teachings. It is near the Spiti River. It is 1000-years-old and a three-floor monastery. It is popular due to the surprising place edging on a cliffside covered by giant snow-capped cliffs. 

Famous Pin Valley National Park

Pin Valley National Park is in the cold desert, Kaza Valley. It is at an altitude of 6,632m. There are treks and safaris in and around the landscape. Some of the rare wildlife species can be spotted here while exploring Snow leopard, Ibex, Himalayan marmot, blue rock pigeon, etc. 

Famous Chandratal Lake To Visit In Spiti

Chandratal Lake is the most enchanting lake to visit in Spiti. The clear water and cold breeze are everything needed for relaxation. It has a pleasing landscape which makes it an ideal ambience for camping. Visitors can trek through nearby glaciers between Kunzum and Rohtang pass.

Famous Kunzum Pass

Kunzum Pass has jaw-dropping scenic views that will make you fall in love in a wink. This  is at a height of 15,600ft. It is the highest motorbike ride point in India. It is the highest motorbike ride point in India. 

Famous Kibber  highest motorbike ride village

Kibber is the highest motorbike ride village in the world. It is at an altitude of 4270m from sea level. A Famous for its boundless beauty and mesmerizing views from such a height. The best location for camping, trekking, sightseeing and many adventurous activities.


During winter, travelling at a higher altitude location like Spiti is challenging for travellers. The heavy snowfall and freezing temperature conditions make it unbearable to travel. The snow-covered land everywhere is like a white fairyland. 

It is enchanting to see and too exciting for those who love to travel in winter. Some places are restricted from travel due to slippery roads and clogged by snow. Spiti is the only place where visitors can experience winter in summer too. It is an untouched cold mountain valley of Himachal Pradesh with abundant flora and fauna.

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