The Best Shopping Cities in Indiana

Shopping Cities in Indiana

Shopping is one of the best hobbies in the world. Not only do you get the opportunity to find things that interest you and can bring you fun or utility when you bring them home, but you also get that rush of endorphins of getting to see the gorgeous displays and interesting products.

If you’re in Indiana and want to get the best shopping of your life, you’re not alone! These are the best cities to visit so you can shop til you drop.

1. Madison

Madison is an adorable older city that has a downtown area that’s as sweet as can be. Home to countless antique and collectible stories, ice cream and candy shops, theaters, nature shops, and specialty food restaurants, this area ends up feeling like a theme park full of charming fun if you’re not used to it.

Don’t let it lure you into a false sense of security! Once night falls, you’ll hear the multiple nightclubs come to life and shake things up.

2. Indianapolis

There’s no city that can beat this one at shopping! The first stores you walk into will have you looking for Indianapolis houses for sale in no time.

3. Broad Ripple

Broad Ripple is full of charm and gorgeous city streets. Some portions of this town can feel like the buildings and stores were pulled directly from the 1950s, which can be fun for a lot of people.

Classic eateries, and cute small unique stores, depending on the population of shoppers that come through here every weekend, so don’t let the older look scare you away! Every stop here is worth taking, and you’ll leave feeling like you made a real difference in a community. 

4. Fountain Square

Best known for its independent restaurants, art galleries, studios, and small professional offices, Fountain Square feels like a slice was taken out of a major city and set down in the middle of nowhere. As you explore this town, you’ll notice that there’s an equal part thriving to empty buildings, but don’t let this scare you away! The companies that are still open here are only able to be because of local support, so don’t be afraid to pay for their awesome goods!

5. Downtown Carmel

Although Carmel can be expensive compared to other areas on this list, it’s still worth a stop! The intricate buildings, incredible decor, and clean streets make this a far more welcoming city than most you’ll drive through, and the locals will make sure you never want to leave.  

Most of the stores here are higher-end, and that’s to be expected because of its location. You’ll still find quirky and fun shops you can’t find anywhere else, and it’s definitely worth a visit! Just make sure to budget a little more for the day you plan to come here. 

Shopping Should Be Exciting!

As long as you’re being responsible with your money, there’s no reason you can’t have a little fun. Consider visiting one of these incredible cities, and you’ll have the time of your life visiting their amazing shops