The Best Vintage Clothing Stores in the City Center, London 

City Center London

There are very few best shopping malls in London. You buy clothing these days – you are too fat for River Island, too old for Carhartt, and too cool for Hollister. You can find some top vintage clothing in the city center and beyond, even if I can’t guarantee the best prices right here.

Suzy loves milo boutique

You’ll find Suzy Love Milo is the biggest shopping center in London, a store that specializes in reworked and upcycled vintage clothing from around the world, in Hatch down on Oxford Road. This lot always has a good selection of treats, and the prices are fair. I don’t know who Suzy is or why she loves Milo malls in London England, but they always have a good selection of treats. You can expect sunglasses, sneakers, and everything in between… and you’d be right.

Blue rinse Manchester

Throughout the years, this location has moved around quite a bit, but always within a 500-meter radius, and not through their own fault. Due to a fire at the old NQ Live Club (now Dive Bar), they had to move from their old site, which was on Tib Street London shopping malls. It’s great if you want old jeans, old footy shirts, and clothes that fit an XXL.

Oxfam originals

They have been visiting this vintage/charity haunt of the best shopping mall in London for many years now – you remember buying your first thing from this store in 2002, a brown knitted tie. You still have it and wear it occasionally when drunk. The understanding is that if any of the Oxfam shops in the region get any designer or decent donations it comes to malls in London England. The ladies’ section isn’t a strong point, but we’ve bought some great Fred Perry gear, Levi’s, and a leather jacket that I’ll never forget.

British Heart Foundation, Piccadilly Gardens

When it first opened a few months ago the biggest shopping centre in London, you didn’t have high hopes for the place but it turned out to be great. You’ve been picking up some amazing BHF chazza on my weekly lunch run – and it’s become a regular stop-off every week. For £40 you can get a Barbour jacket in electric blue, a Levi’s 511 for £35 and a pair of sunglasses for ten pounds. In addition to vintage clothes, homewares, and some rare sneakers, there’s a constantly changing assortment of vintage stuff here, and it’s always updated! London shopping malls.

Kilo Sale on Oldham Street

Although you suspect this place is just the best shopping mall in London.  full of all the dregs from the vintage and charity shops within walking distance, you still think it’s an excellent place to shop. You can get dressed up and get clothes for £15 for a kilo of clothes at this place, which is the same place you got served alcohol at a friend’s birthday party. There is the biggest shopping centre in London with tons of options. They’re probably looking for some sort of order, but the execution is severely lacking.

Barnardo’s Vintage, Cheadle

Barnardo’s in Cheadle is perhaps the greatest charity shop in the North West London shopping malls., and maybe even the country. You used to visit thrice weekly when I worked nearby, and you would always come away with some great new gear, furniture, or trinkets. This is the mall in London England where you bought the most wonderful ski suit in the world, and it was only. A tenner – as well as countless other fashion winners over the years. Well worth getting the X57 for!

 Sue Ryder, Chorlton

I was in Chorlton the previous week and there are a pair of cracking contribution shops down there that are commendable of note. There’s the British Red Cross staff place along near Croma, over and above the fault little Age Concern right near Morrisons. Most excellent although absolutely Sue Ryder beside the Post Office – this monster charity shop has much the whole thing you could ever wish for, all at very logical prices. Right at the face is a great traditional section too – they had a magnificent sewing machine last week which I would have paid money for if I didn’t already have one.


Even though stuff seems to modify with disturbing regularity within Affleck’s, it’s yet one of the greatest places in the city for rather than second-hand acquisition – with the bounty of knowledgeable and good-natured dealers all under one roof. Yet if you’re not a Goth or an Emo you can even enjoy some big shops – as well as that geezer on the next floor who sells all them sun-hat, a bit Pop Boutique and that vast classic shop in the far-flung corner on the 3rd floor. It’s a mecca of group t-shirts, cowboy boots, old Levi’s, and leather jackets that are too big to fit.

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