The Sacred Family is a concept that is central to the Catholic Church in Tucson of Arizona 


Phoenix First Assembly underwent a transition into a church with multiple locations in November of the same year when it changed its name to Dream City Church and opened a campus in Scottsdale, Arizona. This marked the beginning of the church’s transformation into a church with multiple locations. 2015 was the year that saw both of these occurrences. In February of 2016, Community Church of Joy, which had formerly served as a Lutheran congregation in the community of Glendale, Arizona, merged with Dream City Church. By the year 2021, Dream City had a total of eight structures spread out across the country in a variety of locations. More explanation is available on Iglesias catolicas cerca de mi.

The Infant Jesus

The Infant Jesus, the Blessed Mother Mary, and Saint Joseph make up what is known as the Holy Family. Since the 1490s, the topic has been widely explored in artistic expression; however, the veneration of the Holy Family did not begin in earnest until the 17th century, when Saint Francois de Laval, the first bishop of New France, established a confraternity in their honour must visit

The Feast of the Holy Family is a liturgical celebration that is held in the Catholic Church, as well as in many Lutheran and Anglican churches, in honour of Jesus, His mother, and his legal father, Saint Joseph, as a family; it has been observed ever since Pope Benedict XV inserted it into the liturgical calendar in 1921. The Holy Family is held up as an example for Christian households throughout the world as the primary focus of this festival. There are a significant number of congregations all over the world that are devoted to the Holy Family.

The Feast of the Holy Family

If Christmas Day and January 1 fall on Sundays, the Feast of the Holy Family is celebrated on December 30. The Feast of the Holy Family takes place during the season of Christmastide. It has been observed, according to the General Roman Calendar since 1969, on Sunday, which falls between Christmas Day and January 1. On the Sunday after Epiphany Day, which falls on January 6 according to the General Roman Calendar of 1960 and the General Roman Calendar of 1954, the Feast is celebrated in those communities that follow those specific calendars. These two traditional calendars diverge in years in which the Sunday following January 6 falls on January 13. In this scenario, the Holy Family is still celebrated on the 13th of the month according to the General Roman Calendar of 1960, but on the 12th according to the General Roman Calendar of 1954.

In the years leading up to the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry, the Holy Family is mentioned in the Gospels only in passing.

Matthew and Luke are the ones who tell the story of the events that happened during this time in Christ’s life. These events include his circumcision and later Presentation, escape to Egypt, return to Nazareth, and Finding in the Temple. According to Luke’s account, Joseph and Mary were devout Jews. This is evidenced by their carrying Jesus on the annual pilgrimage to Jerusalem with other Jewish families.

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