Things to do in Kashmir

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Vacations are the best time to have fun with family and yourself. If you are looking for a change and a vacation, do visit the paradise on earth…..

The Switzerland of the East 

Kashmir is located in the northernmost geographical region of the Indian subcontinent; it has been partly disputed between India and Pakistan since the partition. It is famous for its valleys and mountain.

Jammu and Kashmir is one of the most amazing places to visit. Nature has blessed Kashmir with its fascinating scenic beauty, Kashmir also represents the stunning Chinar Trees which makes the valleys more amazing with its vibrant colours. During autumn the valleys turn yellow and red the mountains are fully snow-capped and it shine’s with its purity and whiteness. Silver lakes that turn into a golden after the sunset where you will definitely find the inner peace which you were looking for ages. It is a true paradise. One should definitely visit once in a lifetime.

Kashmir and its speciality –

Kashmir is famous for its handicraft, Shikara ride, Kashmiri Cuisine, Kava Tea, River Rafting, Trekking, mountain, valley, lake, skating, Camel riding, mosque and monuments, and of course people out there with pure heart.


Things to do in Kashmir 

  • Trekking and Skating-

Kashmir is a cold region with snow-capped mountain and freezing weather, if you are looking Trekking and Skating in India at affordable price as well as want to enjoy the nature and its Scenic beauty Kashmir is the right choice.

  • Gulmargh
  • Pahalgram 
  • Sonamarg 


Snowboarding and skiing are the best places to do in Kashmir, these places are fully covered with snow as well as it opens up opportunity in winter.

Zanskar are the most popular places in Jammu for experiencing hot air ballooning

  • Hot Air Ballooning –

Jammu and Kashmir has countless place to visit and explore taking from the Sky, Land, Water and snow all are just amazing to explore. Zanskar are the most popular places in Jammu for experiencing hot air ballooning were the height  is of 3000 feet  and almost 2 hours of experience isn’t it giving you goose bump? So do experience this goose bump experience enjoying high up in the sky.

The beauty and the heritage is the best way to explore by walking through the lane

  • Walking Down in the lane of Srinagar –

South Kashmir is another place where one should definitely visit. The beauty and the heritage is the best way to explore by walking through the lane almost every street has their own trademark surprise with something new and amazing ,I would recommend walking through this lane with full of excitement is something worth  it more one should spend few days in Srinagar also.

Riding in Gondola is really fun


  • Gondola cable car ride-

Riding in Gondola is really fun and excitement people of different age can travel through this. Tourist prefer to travel through via Cable Car in hills station as they can experience the scenic beauty. As well as it is convenient to travel as it does not takes much time. To experience this ride it is best time to visit in May as the summers are coming to end and the view is really great out there in Kashmir 


The ride takes place in three period 

Phase 1: Gulmarg to Kongdoori 

Phase 2: Kongdoori to Apharwal Peak

Phase 3: Kongdoori to Mary Shoulder


Timing :10 am -5pm next again 9am – 3pm

Kashmir is Famous for its uniqueness

Tour without Shopping is that even possible ladies:

Shopping in Kashmir is one of the things which one should defiantly do , Kashmir is Famous for its uniqueness, specially Shawal of Kashmir is world famous , handlooms, antique cooperware like samovars, Namda hand –woven carpets local garments dry fruits and specially The tea Kawa so once in Kashmir one should defiantly opt for these.

Camel Safari :

Beside this Camel rididng is one of the most popular activities and main attraction of Ladak it is mainly for its double hump bactarian camal it starts from Nubra Valley from Hundar Village to Diskit and it ends in Panamic Village .the best time to try this experience is from July to September.

Kashmiri Cuisine:

If you are foody then Kashmir is the right place for you to experience all the flavours and spices. Especially if one is non vegetarian then there are many food items one can try.

Non Vegetarian 

  • Rogan Josh
  • Matschgand 
  • Yakhni 
  • Kashmiri Muji Gaad



  • Dum Olav
  • Kashmiri Saag
  • Lyodur Tschaman
  • Khambir

   tour package 

Jammu and Kashmir Trip- holidays are meanto be enjoyed if you see the expenditure towards a trip one can’t enjoy the trip one should plan before going checking the budget and the expenditure both has to be pocket friendly and luxuries. Pay a visit to the eternal beauty of Kashmir, if you wish to explore the paradise just don’t think of your expenditure just go for it.

What kind of trip are you looking for your destination?

Honeymoon Package 

Tour package for Honeymoon couple- For newly married couple Kashmir is the idle place to spend quality time with your Partner and spend the best and quality time enjoying mesmerised view and the chilling atmosphere

Romantic Venture To Kashmir 

  • Srinagar ,Sonmarg,Shalima,Gulmarg 5 Nights
  • Fantastic  Kashmir Sightseeing 7 Nights 
  • Lake and House Boats 1 Day
  • Incredible Kashmir Package 4 Nights 5days 

Family Package 

Family holiday in a chilling destination – Family tour is always been planned in such a way where everyone can be safe. One  should planned such a way that kids can learn something out of it and enjoy happily but knowingly if the destination has some clause to it then one should really take proper safety, because life can’t be complied by entertainment. 


Place where family can be taken 

  • Kathua  2 days 
  • Pulwama  1 day
  • Srinanagar 3 days 
  • Aharbal budgam district waterfall garden 1 day 

Trekking and Package 

Adventure: The snow-capped mountain and hilly terrains .The tourist should adventure such a spot as Life is all about adventure, thrill, exploring and learning. 

North Kashmir Sonmarg 1 day 

North Gulmarg-   1 day 

 South Kashmir -Duksum Wildlife Centure 1 Day

South Kashmir -Phelgram 1 day 1 night  

Kashmir cannot be defined by words, Kashmir and it’s mesmerise beauty cannot be completed by words. People who love thrill and excitement, Kashmir are the best place for exploring.


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